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You use nylon strings called sidewall and tie knots and loops to string the mesh into the head.

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Q: How do you put a mesh on a lacrosse stick head?
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How do you make a lacrosse stick pocket deeper?

first insert a lacrosse ball in ur lacrosse stick next put a pen threw ur mesh and just leave it for a while

How do you string a lacrosse head with 7 diamond mesh?

What i do is get a traditional lacrosse stringing kit. Put 2 leathers into the ends of the mesh and lace the sides traditionally.

How do you dye lacrosse mesh 2 colors?

Put the dye in a pot and put a stick through the middle of the mesh letting the ends of the stick sit on the pot so you dont have to hold it. The mesh is now half dyed and you do the same thing to the other side.

How do you stretch a lacrosse pocket?

1. Get the Mesh (pocket) of the stick wet with warm water 2. Place a tennis ball or lacrosse ball in the pocket 3. Put a butter knife between the side wall and the mesh

Can you put a lacrosse stick in water?

yes but idk y u would. itl be fine as long as the mesh stays dry

How is a lacrosse stick put together?

First you will have to have a shaft whether it be a titanium, kryptic aluminum or fiber glass interior. Then you will need a head that is meshed with a type of mesh you want. There is soft mesh hard mesh and monster mesh, all having different benefits than you will either have a hole to screw a screw into or have to make your own. -tj Played lacrosse for 14 years been on every A team and team Alberta

How do you put a lacrosse head on a lacrosse stick?

Usually there is a screw and you can screw the head through the hole in the shaft so the head will not come off during the game or when you are poke checking or throwing.

How do you get soft mesh to hard mesh on a lacrosse stick?

First, you get the pocket to the desired depth, then you spray it with hairspray. Use a hairdryer to dry it quickly than put the whole head in a freezer for 20-30 mins. this makes the mesh stiff. then leave it for about 1 hour to get used to the warmer temperature, then have fun with your new pocket! Enjoy.

What does a legal girls lacrosse stick pocket look like?

Put the ball in your stick, make your stick eye level. & see if you can see some of the ball over the head of your lacrosse stick. Meaning, that the whole ball is not completely inside the whole stick. If it is inside the whole head of your stick, you need to tighten your netting.

Can you put a lacrosse mesh under cold water to make it harder?


What do I do to put on a lacrosse head that's a little small for the shaft?

I also had that same problem with my lacrosse shaft and head. The only thing I found that worked was I had to force it on and bang the shaft on the floor. It will not damage your stick and should get the head on.

What can you put over your mesh and stringing when you dye your goalie lacrosse head?

nothing. you unstring it do the hot glue and rit dye then restring it. if you dont want it to be unstrung, then just dye the mesh. it wont make the mesh any softer, just change the color of it

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