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General admission, the furthest from the action, is the least expensive seating especially on the sunny side. Next are the seats in preferencia which again are cheaper on the sunny side. The most expensive are barrera seats right at ringside. And the most expensive of these are on the shady side.

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Q: List the seats at a bullfight in order from least to greatest?
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Where are the most expensive seats at a bullfight?

The seats closest to the action and on the shady side are the most expensive. The least expensive are far from the action and in the sun.

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Where are the most expensive seats in a bullfight?

From someone who has actually purchased seats all over the bullring over many years.The bullring is divided into two sections - the sunny side (sol) and the shady side (sombra). The seats in the shade are more expensive. Each of these sections is further divided. Front row seats (barrera) are by far the most expensive and the price drops the farther one is from the ring. The general admission seats, which are furthest away, are the least expensive. Therefore, front row seats on the shady side are the most costly.

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Why are the most expensive seats at a bullfight in the shade?

1.) The most obvious reason is that it is more comfortable to sit in the shade rather than sun.2.) The post of the presidente, the official who supervises the bullfight, is usually high up on the shady side. The matador tries to perform most of his cape work where he can be seen best by the presidente. Therefore, much of the action will be on the shady side of the ring.

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How much do you have to pay to see a bullfight?

There is no fixed answer as the price of tickets varies with the venue. In large cities in Spain and Mexico the price for tickets will be greater than in small towns, especially if major figuras are on the cartel. Prices also vary with location in the bullring. Seats on the shady side are more costly than on the sunny side. Front row seats (barrera) are more costly than seats far up in the stands in the general admission section. Prices could vary from a few dollars to a hundred or more for prime seats in major venues.

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