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haha I'm so funny seventh grade rocks

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Q: List of most watched sports in US?
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What is the top 10 most watched sports in the US?

the top 10 most watched sports are football,soccer,basketball,hockey,and baseball

What are the three most watched sports in the US by men?

football,basketball,and especially SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!

What was the most watched sporting event in us history?

all sports are equaly watched i think maybe foot ball or soccer

What is the top five most watched college sports in the us?

football, basketball,lacrosse, baseball. hockey

What is the most watched sports in US in 2009?

it used to be baseball. But because of the Superbowl its football. So its football.

Which are the most popular sports?

Baseball Basketball Cricket US Football Volleyball Hockey Globally Soccer is the most watched sport of all

What is the most popular spectartor sport in the US?

The NFL and College Football are really popular sports watched in the USA. Football is the most popular spectator sport in the US.

What is the popular sports played and watched in the US?

football, baseball, basketball

What is the most watched college sporting event in us?

The most watched college sport in the US is football, and then in second most watched is basketball, and third is lacrosse.

What is the most watched sport in the US?

It use to be baseball, but it appears football is the number one sport the U.S.A. Alex Van pelt from ESPN then its hockey football is the most frequently watched throughout the year Actualy its NASCAR , its the most frequently watched and is sold most of all sports.

Which is the most watched TV network in the US?

ABC is the most watched channel in the fall.

What are the top three most watched sports in the US by men?

in my opinion it shoud be nfl, nba, and mlb. im not really sure about hockey.

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