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They use shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin guards, hockey pants, helmet, gloves and a cup.

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Puck, stick, ice, goals, people...

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Q: List 5 equipment that hockey players use during a game?
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List of black nhl hockey players?

A photo gallery with stats for evey black player who has been drafted by or played in the NHL is the Black Hockey Players Wall of Fame.

What is a list of items that will be used during an experiment?

laboratory equipment

Name of hockey players of present time?

Too many to list here, even if you are just talking about the NHL. For complete NHL rosters, go to or the Hockey News website.

How many players are on the ice per team in a hockey game?

NHL teams are allowed to list twenty two (22) players on their official roster.

All Players points NHL 2007-2008?

No one can list every player here!! Please check a good hockey site like that of the Hockey News or the NHL's own site at

What are the top 20 nhl player salaries?

For a list I would suggest you to the Hockey News website and click on salaries. They have the salary for all players in the league.

Name 3 hockey Hall of Fame players?

Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull!! For a complete list go www

What does the letters IR refer to in hockey stats?

Injured Reserve: Players that are injured and will be unavailable to play for a lengthy amount of time are placed on this list so that a team may bring in other players as replacements.

Where can you find Sidney Crosby fanfiction? (its a whole list of different blogs about hockey players, mainly Sid, and other penguin players)

Are there any Famous number 21 in hockey?

Of course famous is a relative term, but I'll do my best to list some of the players whose names would resonate with most, if not all hockey fans. For a full list of players who wore the number 21 in there career, see the link below As a note, I only included players who wore the number 21 for a substantial portion of their career. Peter Forsberg Stan Mikita Brent Suter

What type of equipment do you use for hockey?

The list of ice hockey equipment is as follows: Helmet (with full face cage if under age 18) Mouth Guard (optional) Shoulder Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards (optional) Gloves Jock Short (Boys) / Pelvic Protector (Girls) Pants/Breezers Shin Guards Skates Stick Jersey & Socks

Is there a list of English born players in premeirship?

It is possible that someone somewhere has compiled a list of English players.