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In Canada, at least, the sheet of ice is simply referred to as a rink.

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Q: It Is said that ice hockey is played on a sheet of ice called?
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Where hockey starts?

There is no definite time, or creator of hockey. It is said to have been invented by Canada's Natives, when they played a game similar to hockey called shinny. They played on a field with icy patches. Hope this helps!

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What is golf hockey?

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Who was the creator of ice hockey?

Ice hockey does not have a known creator for the spot, however, it is said to have evolved from field hockey that was being played in Europe for many centuries. Ice hockey is currently the most popular sport on ice.

What is the french word for hockey stick?

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What is the playing surface in curling called?

The playing area is called a "sheet" of ice, so a curling club with 4 playing areas is said to have 4 sheets. The actual ice surface is different than normal hockey/figure skating ice in that it has tiny bumps all over, called the "pebble," that reduce the friction between the ice and the 42 lb granite stones.

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Who originally invented hockey and where was he from?

not a certain person made up hockey. Archaeologists did discover though paintings of ancient egyptians playing hockey. Though it is said to have started in canada.

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