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Q: It's ok to use enhancing drugs for sports?
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Is the recreational use of drugs ok if they are used in small amounts?

yes they are my friend indulge

Is cheating ok in sports?


List of all sports played on a court?

ok ok

Why people shouldnt do drugs?

You should use drugs that are medically prescribed by a doctor - if they shouldn't do drugs, they would probably die Illegal drugs - "Because they are bad for your body." Although... it is ok for the U.S. Government to Sale cigarettes to children.

Is it ok to use steroids?

"Steroids" is a drug. Like many drugs, if used in a right way, it can help your body. For example, your doctor may prescribe you to use steroids for a period of time after having a bad accident to help you heal. However, your question is probably talking about the usage of steroids in Professional Sports. If this is the case, it is illegal to use steroids in professional sports like Major League Baseball. Also, most people would not be "OK" with the decision to use steroids with the intent of making yourself better at a sport.

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What effects do performance enhancing drugs have?

They increase muscle mass, and increase endurance, but all at a price. Steroids, for example, can make places where the sun don't shine a lot smaller, for example. <><><><><> Its OK to say testicles. Yes, steroids can shrink testicles.

Is it OK for your doctor to make IV drugs in his office?


Do you believe that it is OK to use illegal drugs at work as long as you can perform you duties correctly?

The problem with drugs is that you THINK you're performing normally but you're really not. You cannot do your job properly when you're high.

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ok that sounds weird cuz high is like when u get high an when u use drugs. do u mean tall?

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