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cuz why not

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Fedi Cartel

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Naruto Uzumaki

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becuase who ever made this question is an complete idoit

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It's often said that "the serve is where the game of Racquetball begins". Why is this true?

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Q: It's often said the serve is where the game of racquetball begins Why is this true?
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Its often said that the serve is where the game of racquetball begins. Why is this true?


In a game between two people can the sever and receiver score in racquetball?

Only the server can score points in racquetball. If the receiver hits the ball against the front wall and the server cannot get to it in time, it is the receivers turn to serve. They do not get a point for this.

What is racquetball?

Click on the 'Racquetball' link on this page to read the history of the game of racquetball in a way better than any way I could describe it.

Can you win the game on an ace in racquetball?


What two games were combined to form the spot of racquetball?

The game of racquetball came from the games, handball and paddleball.

What is wallyball?

It is a volleyball game played inside a racquetball court.

How many players are on a team of racquetball?

Racquetball is generally a one on one game but doubles can be played which would make teams of two players.

How does a game of volleyball start?

the game starts off with a coin toss and the team who chose the correct side starts the game with a serve. That's only for the game that begins the match. As for the others, the games are just begun with a serve.

What is a roblox game that begins with a you?

A ROBLOX game that begins with a you begins with a you!

Who begins serve at the start of a new set in tennis?

The person who did not serve the last game of the previous set. At the start of matches, the first server is determined by a coin toss

Where is racquetball from?

Racquetball was started in the Greenwich YMCA. It was invented by a man named Joe Sobek although he did not name the sport "racquetball". He originally name the game paddle rackets.Joe Sobek started the National Paddle Rackets Association in 1952 along with the official rulebook.

How do you serve in soccer?

There are 2 people at the half line with the ball and one person lightly taps it to the other in front of them and then the game begins!

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Its often said that the serve is where the game of racquetball begins. Why is this true?

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