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It is called a service ace!

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Q: What is the winning tennis serve called?
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What is a winning tennis serve called?

An ace

What is the first stroke of tennis called?

a serve

In tennis what is an illegal serve called?

A fault.

Tennis the first stroke of any point is called what?


Does the ball have to hit the line to be an ace in tennis?

No. The interior lines (half-lines) on tennis courts determine the service court, into which the serve must be made. An ACE is any legal serve that is not successfully returned by the opponent, winning the point for the server.

If a serve in tennis hits the net prior to landing in the correct service box what is it called?

It is called a letThe server gets to reserve the serve that was a let

What is area of tennis ground?

I am not sure but just call your local tennis place

Winning six games and being ahead by two is called?

what is it called in tennis when u win six games and are ahead by 2?

What is the impact or effect of breaking service in tennis?

In tennis it is assumed that it will be easier to score points on one's own serve because you can get an ace and also dictate the point. To "break" your opponent's serve means that you have beaten him/her on their own serve. When you break serve you go up an additional game towards winning the set and your opponent must "break back" to even up the number of games won in the set.

Who holds the record of the fastest table tennis serve?

I held by a guy called Aaron Savannah.

What does back on serve mean in tennis?

In tennis matches, it is more common to win games while serving rather than while the other player is serving. So, when both players are winning their own serve games (holding serve) the set is said to be "on serve." When a player wins a game as a receiver, that player is said to have broken the opponent's serve and is now "up a break." If the other player is able to "break back" the score again appears as if nobody lost their serve game, and the set is "back on serve."

In table tennis after winning a point do you switch sides?

In today's competition, you serve two points, then your opponent serves two. ten-all is duce, at which time the serve changes every point until someone wins by two points.