Is weight lifting good for you?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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YES! Lifting weights makes you stronger, and builds muscle. The additional muscle will cause your body to burn more calories all day long. You will also feel better and be more confident in life.

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Weight lifting as a sport, or keeping fit exercise is good for you but only in a controlled environment, you need to be lifting the correct weights otherwise you could cause yourself serious injury.

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Q: Is weight lifting good for you?
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Is weight lifting good for your body?


Where can I learn more about good weight lifting workouts?

You can learn more about good weight lifting plans at your local fitness clubs. There are many fitness clubs spread throughout the country, and most of them offer weight lifting lessons/sessions.

What are some good exercise workouts?

Jogging and weight lifting are good exercises.

Where can I buy a good weight lifting bench?

I am sure your husband will enjoy the gift of a weight lifting bench. sells weight lifting benches and also weights. For additional information: ... Strength Training Equipment Benches

Is boxing weight lifting?

No, boxing is not weight lifting

Is the Harbinger Foam Core Weight Lifting Belt good for your back?

The Harbinger foam core belt is good for your back, but is no substitute for proper lifting technique.

What is power in weight lifting?

To be honest, I'm just starting out in weight lifting. But to me, power, as it relates to weight lifting, is the ability to consistently lift a given amount of weight.

Why do people use weight lifting gloves?

Doesn't hurt your hands good grip and fells good

What are some good weight lifting workouts for someone just starting to weight lift?

For someone that is just beginning a weight lifting program, there are some great programs for beginners. Julie Benson has beginning weight lifting DVDs in her Absolute Beginners Series that work well for people that are just getting started.

Is the Weider Weightlifting Belt Strength Training good for a begener?

Whether it be a Weider or Everlast or Valeo weight lifting belt you use for strength training, any of these trusted, durable and supportive weight lifting belts will be good for a beginner.

Good arm workouts for mass?

Push ups Pull ups Weight lifting

What is the controlled breathing technique when weight lifting?

breath out when lifting and breath in while you lower the weight