Is wall ball fun

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Yes it is the most fun game ever

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Q: Is wall ball fun
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When was Happy Fun Ball created?

Happy Fun Ball was created in 1991.

In dodge ball are you out when the ball bounces off the wall and hits you?

yes if the ball hits you and it bounced off the wall or the ceiling, YOU ARE OUT.

When a ball bounces off a wall the net force on the ball is zero because of action and reaction force?

The net force on the ball is not zero. The ball exerts a force on the wall (the action), and the wall exerts an equal and opposite reaction force on the ball. These two forces do not sum to zero as they are acting on different objects; the action of the ball acts on the wall and the reaction of the wall acts on the ball.

What kind of ball are to play wall ball?

rubber bouncy ball

A ball striking a wall in which the force of the ball on the wall is equal to the force of the wall on the ball. will it accelerate?

Obviously it will accelerate. If it changes its direction, that means it changes its velocity, therefore it accelerates.

What are the official rules to the game wall ball?

Wall ball is a pretty simple game the rules are, throw the ball at the wall if you catch the ball you throw it at the wall and continue. However, if you drop the ball after you catch it you have to run and go touch the wall. If the ball is thrown and hit the wall before you touch it you loose a life or you are out depending if you have one life or more. Another way to loose a life is to throw the ball and it hit thew ground before it hits the wall in this case you have to go hit the wall before another player throws the ball and hits the wall before you get their, in this case you would loose a life or get out. Also, if someone pegs the ball at the wall as hard as they can and it passes all of the players and goes into the distance some one can shout wall ball!! Then the person who threw the ball has to go to the ball and try to throw the ball at the wall with out it hitting the ground before the wall. But, if they can not throw it that far they can drop the ball and run. They have to hit the wall before someone runs out and gets the ball and hits the wall before you. In this case also you would loose a life. However, if someone runs out and gets the ball someone else BUT YOU can call wall ball! And the prosess starts over. IF you have any other questions please post a question on my message board. Please don't be afraid to ask.

Why does a ball come back when you hit it to a wall?

The ball reflects to the wall so i will come back towards you

Who is the best wall ball player?

there is no best wall ball player.but my brother says his friend there are people who are good but there is no best player.or am i talking about the correct 'wall ball'?THANKS

What rhymes with once and for all?

pounce on a ball mouse in a wall bounce of a ball bouncing a ball answer the call ants on a wall sounds of a squall hounds in a mall bounds o'er the wall..............

What is the best way to get good at catching with both hands in lacrosse?

Play wall ball. Go on youtube and search lacrosse wall ball routine for the best wall ball workouts.

Who invented wall ball?


Can a ball striking a wall accelerate or change its speed?

Acceleration is the change in speed or direction. When the ball strikes a wall it will likely rebound. That is a change in direction. Some of the energy of the ball went into heat and sound so, that is also a change in speed. The only wall that would have no effect on the ball's acceleration would be a wall of light or an imaginary wall.

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