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No he is not.

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Q: Is undertaker the new masked Kane?
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Is masked kane the undertaker?


Who would win masked Kane or undertaker?


Are the masked Kane and undertaker the same person?

no Kane and undertaker are brothers from part of there father

How can undertaker be masked Kane because the undertaker works for smackdown and masked Kane works for raw?

they could have easily done it, but the real fake Kane was Luke Gallows

How do you unlock masked Kane on WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

Beat Masked Kane in the "Vs. Undertaker RTWM"

How can you unlock masked Kane and undertaker in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 11?

Masked Kane : collect all the souls then beat Kane the week you get all the souls Undertaker: He is already unlocked

How come new masked Kane has hair?

it's because in the old days when kane was masked he had hair. my mum said that he looked like the undertaker and he does as well He looks nothing like the undertaker

How do you unlock the masked Kane in SmackDown vs raw 2011 PS3?

Win against Masked Kane in the "Vs. Undertaker RTWM".

Who were the masked men that attacked the undertaker?

his brother Kane and makind

Is the masked Kane the same as unmasked?

Yes And No because Yes regular Kane was masked Kane but was also impersonated by the undertaker and Luke gallows (Andrew Hankinson)

Is masked Kane still the real Kane?

Yes it is. People were saying it was Undertaker. Don't see how it could be, seeing as how Undertaker has visible tattoos on his arms.

Who is coming to WWE on 1-2-12?

undertaker or masked kane

How do you unlock masked Kane on Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

You do Road To Wreatlemania vs. Undertaker and Get all the souls in the urn. Masked Kane comes out and You fight him in the ring

How do you unlock masked Kane on svr11?

in Vs. Undertaker part of Road to Wrestlemania

Was masked Kane drew hankinson?

kinda drew hankinson played masked Kane when he fought ther unmaked Kane as hype 4 see no evil he did also play the fake undertaker in th 90s Drew did not play the fake undertaker in the 90s that was Brian Lee

Why the new masked Kane of 2012 chokeslams with left hand?

It's not a new masked Kane it is Glenn Jacobs who has always been Kane and he has always used his left hand

Masked Kane vs masked taker who would win?

MASKED KANE masked Kane for sure

Was the imposter Kane the undertaker or festus or both?

Luke Gallows. The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) dressed as Kane for one match only in the 90s when he feuded with Vince McMahon. He did NOT "play" Kane at all. He pretended to be Kane to get in the ring with Vince and unmasked himself and showed that he is The Undertaker there and then. Festus (Luke Gallows) played the masked Kane for the Kane Vs. Kane angle which WWE quickly dropped once they realised it was ridiculous!

Who won at vengance 2006 Kane or Masked Kane?

masked Kane

At match original Kane vs masked Kane who was the masked Kane?

it was hhh

Is undertaker the same person as masked undertaker?

Yea, undertaker is the same person as the masked undertaker! Same person!

Is Kane and masked Kane the same people?

yes Kane masked and unmasked are same

How can you unlock Masked Kane in svr 2010?

You have to collect all the souls against Undertaker's RTWM and beat him in week 11.

Why did Kane leave the Undertaker?

i think Kane leave undertaker because undertaker is best then Kane

Does Kane hate undertaker?

Yes, Kane does hate Undertaker, because Kane is jealous that he was always walking in the Undertaker's shadow, and now Kane wants to kill Undertaker.