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Stuffing hair in helmet unsafe

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Q: Is tucking dreads inside football helmets unsafe?
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What is tucking?

its shoving your balls up inside you

What are the standards that ensure that a football helmet has been properly fitted?

Helmets have pads on the inside and can be blown up to fit the player.

Do football quarterbacks have radios?

Yes, quarterbacks do have radios inside their helmets that their coach can tell them what to do. But quarterbacks are not allowed to talk to them for a time period.

What are football helmets made out of?

depends on the helmet. Its just plastic on the outside, it is the shape that helps to dispense impact. Inside there can be a variety of materials. Foam and Styrofoam are in most of the low end helmets, while a lot of the pro helmets have an air cushion system. The "plastic" is polycarbonate.

How does a toucan sleep?

the way they sleep is by tucking their heads inside their wings. i got this from a different website

Why use padded football helmets?

So you don't get a concussion or any other damage to your head.And so youre head doesnt rattle around inside the helmet

What elements are in a helmet?

I play football so I know about football helmets. They are hard on the out side and soft in the inside. There are pads lined in the helmet. Some brands of helmets have an air tank that you fill with air to make it tighter. There is also the face mask that protects the face, a chin strap that holds the helmet on, and a mouth guard to reduce concussions and protect your teeth.

What is the inside of a football?

there is air in a football.

What is the difference between lacrosse helmets and normal helmets?

if you're talking about comparing it to football helmets: EVERYTHING. Its lighter; there's more room; little, but enough padding inside; there is plastic at the bottom of the facemask. It just protects your head enough since you arent charging head first at anyone. Its also illegal in lax to go head first into anyone for any reason. if youre taling about bike or motorcross helmets: look for yourself :P

What material is on the inside of a football?

air is in the football

Does a birds' leg structure have anything to do with its flight?

Yes. It helps by tucking into the birds body. Inside their legs and feet is a structure to help them fly.

What are bike helmets made out of?

Bicycles helmets are made of a tough foam padding on the inside and a liner made of polystyrene foam. The liner absorbs the bulk of the energy upon collision.

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