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If you are a professional bowler, then yes.

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Q: Is throwing a bowling ball considered as work?
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Does a bowling ball weighs 1 lb?

The lowest weight bowling ball used at centers is 6 pounds as there still needs to be a certain amount of weight to work properly in the ball returns

Is work done when you throw a ball?

Yes, throwing the ball requires a force, and work is done when a force moves a mass over a distance.

What are some examples of work?

Scientific examples of work are- lifting a book, throwing a ball, and pulling a lever.

No work is done by gravity on a bowling ball that rolls along a bowling alley because?

its motion is perpendicular to the direction of which the gravitational force acts on it.

What is negative work done?

Hold your open hand at shoulder-height, and have your associate carefully place a bowling ball in your hand. Now allow the hand and bowling ball to descend slowly to the floor. Your hand has done 'negative work', equal to the (weight of the ball) times (distance it descended).

Can a pitching machine work as a bowling machine i.e would the ball bounce like a bowling machine or not?

No the machine is made to hold up to 2 pounds

How much work does the force of gravity do on a 5.45-kg bowling ball that falls a distance of 0.755m?


What is the velocity and acceleration in throwing a ball upward upon the release of the ball?

The velocity & acceleration will be taken as negative when a ball is thrown upward because work is done against the gravity.

No work is doen by gravity on a bowling ball that is rolled along a bowling alley because?

Work = force x distance. The idea is that no force is applied to the ball - except for a small amount of force due to friction. Specifically, you don't apply a force to keep it moving - that's the ball's natural tendency, so it requires no force to do so.

How can you test if a guinea pig is blind?

Throw a cotton ball near it. If it turns it's head towards the cotton ball then it has seen it. Throwing a ball will not work because they can hear the ball instead of seeing it.

How come the newtons first law is useful in bowling?

A bowling ball is harder to get moving and harder to stop than a hollow rubber ball of the same size. The bowling ball is also heavier, that is, it is pulled downward with greater force: but weight is an effect of gravity, while inertia is not. The two seem to go together in some way, and the next section examines this further. It may work!!!

How does wrist strengtheners wrist supports and gloves help you play bowling?

While one might not think of it, the wrist plays a very important role in how comfortable the grip of the bowling ball feels. When you grip anything the muscles in the wrist work to help. After bowling two or three games in a league or open bowling, and placing your fingers in the bowling ball and gripping it 30-50 times, the wrist can become tired and fatigued. A strong wrist and/or supports/gloves can help the wrist withstand the wear and tear gripping a bowling ball does to it, along with making the bowler feel more comfortable while bowling. Click on the 'Bowling Wrist Support' link below to read an article about supports and see links to other articles concerning bowling.

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