Does a bowling ball weighs 1 lb?

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The lowest weight Bowling ball used at centers is 6 pounds as there still needs to be a certain amount of weight to work properly in the ball returns

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Q: Does a bowling ball weighs 1 lb?
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Compare the speed of a moving golf ball with the speed of a moving bowling ball if both balls have the same amount of momentum?

momentum=velocity x mass say a golf ball weighs 1 pound and the bowling ball weighs 5 pounds the golf ball would have to be moving 5 times faster than the bowling ball to have the same momentum

Which object has more momentum a bowling ball or baseball and why?

A bowling ball has more momentum. You cannot throw it as fast, but a tenpin ball weighs 16 pounds and a baseball only 1/3 pound. Momentum is mass times velocity and if you throw the bowling ball at 10 mph but the baseball at 90 mph the bowling ball still has much more momentum.

How much mass does a bowling ball have?

There are bowling balls with different masses. In general, if you weigh one of them, its mass is 1 pound-mass for each pound of weight on earth, or 1 kilogram for each 2.205 pounds of weight on earth. -- 6-lb ball . . . 6 pound-mass / 2.722 kilograms -- 12-lb ball . . . 12 pound-mass / 5.443 kilograms -- 14-lb ball . . . 14 pound-mass / 6.350 kilograms -- 15-lb ball . . . 15 pound-mass / 6.804 kilograms -- 16-lb ball . . . 16 pound-mass / 7.257 kilograms (all metric masses are rounded numbers)

What is the mass of a 16 pound bowling ball?

Any object that weighs 16 lbs. here on Earth has a mass of 7.26 kg., regardless of whether it's a bowling ball or a chocolate cake. 1 kg. = 2.205 lbs.

What is the diameter of a ten-pin bowling ball?

The diameter of a bowling ball is 8 1/2 inches

Which is heavyer 1 lb of gold or 1 lb of cotton?

1 lb of anything weighs 1lb so they weigh the same

What does 1 cup of prosciutto weighs?

Half a lb

How much does 1 us pound weigh?

it weighs 1 lb

A package that weighs 1 lb 5 oz weighs how many ounces?

1 lb + 5 oz = 16 oz + 5 oz = 21 ounces

A kilogram mass weighs how many pounds?

1 kg = 2.2 lb 1 lb = 0.45 kg

What is heavier 15 oz of lead or 1 lb of steel?

Since the steel weighs 1 lb (16 ounces) and the lead weighs 15 ounces, the steel is heavier.

Is a pound weighs more then a kilogram?

1 lb = 0.453592 kg

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