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fifa confederations cup

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Q: Is there prize money in competition soccer?
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How can you get our prize money?

What prize money are you talking about. You should contact the person who is running the competition. Or consult any literature that you have been given relating to how to collect a prize.

You won a necklace. How much should you have to pay?

Nothing. If you enter a competition and win, the prize should be free. Any charge for a prize is a big clue that the competition is a con. Don't pay the money.

How much do you get if you win darts?

It depends on the specific competition and the organisation will decide the prize money themselves.

How do you use the word comprises in a sentence?

The first prize in the competition comprises of a holiday and spending money.

Which soccer competition is the FA in soccer?

The Hyandui A-League

How much money does an olympic bronze medalist earn?

Olympic medallists (any colour of medal) do not earn any prize money from the competition itself.

What is the prize money at the Cincinnati open?

The prize money is $2,340,000

What country won the most coveted prize in soccer in 1990?

the soccer cup

Which a famous soccer competition is the FA?


What sport is played in the A-league competition?


What is the Wimbleton prize money for the winner?

The prize money is $12, 550,000.

How much prize money?

The question is misleading. How much prize money for what?

The Nobel Prize money comes from where?

The Nobel Prize money comes from Alfred Nobel's own investment money. He invested money and by the time he died there was loads of money so that money is the prize money.

Do junior tennis players get prize money at Wimbledon?

No. There is no prize money for juniors.

Is their any prize for writing essay?

Sometimes, if it is done for a competition.

On Wikianswers is there a prize for 4th place in the monthly Questions Competition?


What is the national competition called for soccer?

The world cup

Famous soccer competition?

FIFA World Cup

What is the famous soccer competition called?

World cup

What is the world's greatest soccer competition?

The World Cup.

What is the more important competition in soccer?

the world cup

Marie spent 75 of her prize money on a few CDs She spent 25 of the remaining money on books She then had half of her prize money left What was the amount of her prize money?


What was the original prize money for the Archibald prize?


What is the biggest prize money?

I think the biggest prize money is 1,100,000 in 2011 in wimbledon.

How much money awarded to noble prize winner?

there is no prize money. Justa trophey.