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yes, tell yourself to get a life and stop talking about famous celebritys

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โˆ™ 2012-01-08 03:35:03
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Q: Is there any way to meet Allen Iverson?
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Who is better Allen iverson or Micheal redd?

Allen Iverson is way better. Michael Redd is not nearly as good as Allen Iverson.

What is one important difference Allen Iverson made?

Allen Iverson showed the NBA how to cross and drive, do a nice lay-up, or make a beautiful pass! that is the way i play too!

Is lebron faster than Tony Parker and Allen Iverson?

yes way better

Who is better Allen Iverson or Kobe Bryant?

Pure scorer wise i would say AI but Kobe does show up to practice so it close to tell Kobe is way better than Allen iverson. He is the best offensive player of all-time. With four rings and another one on the way this year you cant deny Kobe is far beyond iverson. He runs his team way better than iverson every did.

Is Allen Iverson better than Chris Paul?

This is a tough question, considering Chris Paul is just getting into his prime (if he isn't good enough already) while Allen Iverson, on the other hand, is just about to retire. In their primes, I would have to go with Chris Paul still, just because he does much more than just score.CP3 is way betterAllen Iverson is better because Chris Paul is younger and he is in still just coming into the game. When Allen Iverson was coming into the game he was the coolest thing. So the question should be who was better in their rookie years and the answer would be Allen Iverson

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Hailey knows Justin Beiber. They go way back. I love Keegan Allen

Is there any way could meet Maranda Cosgrove?

yes in la

Is there any way to meet Ryan Sheckler?

go to comps....or his local.

Is there any way you could meet cote de pablo?

on set

How do you meet and date a pro basketball player?

The same way you'd meet and date any other person.

I saved a person want to meet him my husband doesnt think its right should i meet him any way?

do what you think is right!

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