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Yes, there is a lot of research out there. Just go on Google and type in "Field Hockey".

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Q: Is there any research on field hockey?
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Are there any products in field hockey?

a hockey stick! and a hockey puck! gear!

Floor hockey is a variation of what sport?

Ice hockey, field hockey, etc. Just about any type of hockey you can think of, I guess.

What is the education of field hockey players?

Field hockey is played by males and females of all ages, so their education is as varied as that of any community.

How do you do research in nanotechnology?

The same as you do research in any other field.

Can you compare field hockey to football?

no the are completely different in every way, if you were going to compare any thing to field hockey it would be on ground lacrosse

Which is easier lacrosse or field hockey?

field hockey

Should I play field hockey or soccer?

field hockey

Where does field research take place?

any where

What is turf hockey?

Turf hockey is field hockey.

What does 'not dead' mean in field hockey?

It means nothing in field hockey.

What is a slide in field hockey?

To my knowledge, there is no such thing as a slide in field hockey.

What is a crossunder in hockey?

field hockey