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Q: Is there a spring board in long jump?
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Do you measure from the front of the board or the back of the board for your approach for the long jump?

back of the board for your approach and front for the jump

Can you jump from behind the board in long jump?

yes but you will not get as far

What is the long jump board made of?


How can a long jumper scratch on a jump?

step over the white board you jump of from.

How is long jump measured?

The long jump is measured from the front of the jump board to the closes point in the sand that the jumper touches the sand in a straight line.

Do you measure a long jump from the take off board?

yes! (:

What is the distance of the long jump board from the pit?

5 metres exact

What are 2 basic safe landing drills in gymnastics?

just pick them up over a mat and make sure there feet are close to the ground then let go!! and if you have a spring board then you can have them run from a distance and jump off of the spring board

What is leaping?

Jump or spring a long way , to great height , or with great force

What is the difference between spring board and platform diving boards?

For platforms there are no boards this is just the platform, compared to spring board which is a flexible board that you do a hurdle off of to get maximum height. on a platform you get as much height as you can jump

Where do you measure the triple jump from?

Just like the long jump, the triple jump requires that a competitor begin his or her jump from a designated line called "the board". This line is typically much farther back and the jumper performs three individual jumps in one constant movement. Did you know that if a jumper starts his/her jump before reaching the board, the jump will be measured FROM the board?

How do you win the long jump on poptropolis games?

You have to build up speed and jump from the very end of the board, without stepping off.