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In figure skating, the list of Olympic Gold Medal winners from Great Britain is short. British men won back-to-back titles with John Curry winning in 1976, and Robin Cousins in 1980. Jeannette Altwegg was the ladies' champion in 1952. Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, undoubtedly the most famous British figure skaters of all time, won the ice dancing medal in 1984. As of 2014, no British team has ever won the Olympic Gold Medal in pairs skating.

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Click on the 'Great Britain Olympic Medal Totals' link below to see how many medals the have won in each Olympic Games and in each Olympic sport.

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Q: Is there a list of British Olympic Gold Medal Winners?
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Gillian Sheen was the first and only British woman to win a gold medal in Olympic fencing. She did it in 1956, at the age of 28, in the Individual Women's Foil event.

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The International Olympic Committee does not award cash prizes to the winners. Many countries, however, do offer cash prizes and other incentives to medalists. In 2012, American competitors who won Olympic medals were rewarded in cash by the US Olympic Committee. Gold medal winners received $25,000, Silver medal winners received $15,000, and Bronze medal winners received $10,000. However, the real money is earned through commercial endorsements. Some Olympians get paid a performance bonus from sponsors for winning a medal and may sign commercial endorsements that could wind up paying them millions.

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