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Q: Which player has an olympic gold medal and an fa cup winners medal and a premiership winners medal?
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Which premiership player has won an fa cup winners medal a premiership winners medal a world cup winners medal a European championship winners medal?

Thierry Henry

Which player has an olympic gold medal and an fa cup winners medal and a premiership winners medal and a super cup winner and European and uefa cup?

That would be Nwankwo Christian Nwosu Kanu, more popularly known as "Kanu".

Which player still playing in the premiership has a world cup winners medal?

Juliano Belletti

Which current English premiership player has a world cup winners medal?

Juliano Belletti

Who is the youngest player ever to win a Premiership winners medal?

I think it's Gael Clichy for Arsenal.

How many Olympic gold medal winners are alive as of 2013?

There are hundreds of Olympic gold medal winners alive as of 2013.

How much do Olympic gold medal winners get paid US?

The US Olympic committee pays $25,000.00 to gold medal winners.

Does the IOC pay Olympic medal winners money?

No, the IOC does not pay medal winners.

What prizes did olympic winners receive?

In modern Olympic, the first-places winners got gold medal ,the second-places winners got silver medal and the third-places winners got bronce medal. In ancient Olympic, the winner got olive branches.

Who are the top 5 British Olympic gold medal winners?

The top five olympic gold medal winners are Dominic Culyer because he is amazing

Do Olympic medal winners get cash?


Olympic Medal winners of Madagascar?

As of the 2008 Games in Beijing, no athlete from Madagascar has ever won an Olympic medal.

Do the olympic gold medal winners have to pay taxes on the medal?

Yeah, $9,000.

What prizes do the olympic winners receive as well as a gold medal?

they receive a medal

How many olympic medal winners are vegetarians?


Who were the 2008 olympic softball medal winners?


Who is the only player to have won a world cup winners medal European cup winners medal uefa cup winners medal and a winners medal from all 4 divisions of the football league?

No real player. It's probably a fictional player like Roy of the Rovers

Why do Olympic medal winners bite on the medal?

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Do Olympic medal winners receive a certificate or any other momento?

No just a medal.

How much do UK Olympic athletes get paid?

Olympic athletes are amateurs. They do not get paid. Britain does not award cash to medal winners. Other countries in the UK might award cash to their medal winners.

Which player in England has won champions league fa cup priemiership and olympic gold medal and still plays in the premiership?

Nwankwo Kanu (Portsmouth)

How much do Australian Olympic medal winners get paid?


How much do olympic medal winners get paid Jamaica?


How much do Olympic medal winners get from Mexico?

They get a sack of masa

Do Olympic medal winners pay taxes on their medals?