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There is a computer game called Ball Line

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Is the volleyball legal if it hits the line?

If the ball hits the line the ball is called in

What is the meaning of line-ball in volleyball game?

A ball falls on the line therefore it is faulty

In volleyball if a ball hits the line what call is made?

If the ball hits the line then the ball is called in. But if its even a little bit over the line then its out and the other team gets the ball.

Can you throw the ball in a rugby game?

Yes to the rear of the ball carrier, in line with the ball carrier and in the centre of the 2 teams when set for a line out

Is the ball out when it is on the line in soccer?

No, the ball has to COMPLETELY cross the line in order for it to be called out. That means the entire circumfernce of the ball has to be on the out side of either the Touchline or Goal line.

What is the line of scrimmage in football?

When the ball carrier is tackled and does not pass ball to teammate or the ball is out of bounds, the play is called a scrum, and the yard line where the last play was downed is called the line of scrimmage. -----In American football, draw a line from sideline to sideline where the ball is put into play on each down and that is the line of scrimmage.

Is it out if the ball lands on the line in a serve in tennis?

If any part of the ball is touching the line, but the rest is out, it is still called in.

When is it out in basketball?

In the game of basketball it is out when either the ball is bounced on the line or anywhere in the out of bounds area or when u have the ball and any part of you body (or ball) touches the line or goes over the line. Hope this helps!!

When the tennis ball hits the line it is in or out?

The ball is only considered out if the whole ball is in front of the line, meaning if only a fracton of the ball lands on it and the rest is over, it is still called in.

What is the invisible line called that the ball is placed on after every play?

line of scrimmage

What is target ball called in bocce ball?

Jack BallIn England we call the game Bowlsits also called 'PALLINO'

What was the game called where you had to rebound the ball to hit the bricks?

The game is called Brick Breaker.

What is the white ball called in game of billiards?

The cue ball. Or just the white ball.

Why the ball of baseball is hard why the game is called softball?

Baseball is not called softball. The game of softball is called softball because the ball used is softer than a baseball.

Why is dodgeball called dodgeball?

because in the game you have to dodge ball so not get hit and that is why it is called dodge ball :).

What is a mallet and ball game called?


Where do the players line up at the start of the game?

Wherever they are placed for the jump ball at the biginning of the game.

Is the ball out of bounds if it is on the line?

The answer depends entirely upon which game you are referring to.

What is the game called that is similar to volley ball but you catch it instead?

dodge ball

What is it called when the soccer ball touches the side line?

Nothing happens when the ball touches the touchline. When the ball completely exits the field across the line, then play is restart with a throw-in.

Why is netball called netball?

Netball is a shooting game, but the question is why is netball is called netball, because in netball your throwing the ball in the net so that's called net and the ball that your playing with is called ball so that is ball Net ball

Where do linebackers line-up for the snap of the ball?

they line up behind the defensive line thats why they are called line backers

What kind of computer game is Ink Ball?

Ink ball is a strategy style computer game. The idea is to use a stylus, or mouse, to draw a line to direct a ball into a corresponding colored hole.

What is abula game?

'Abula' is a traditional ball game played in region of west Africa in a country called Nigeria. 'Abula' A ball game played across the net with a wooden baton.

What is the ball called in the game of ping pong?

It has no special name, it is a ping pong ball.

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