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Wherever they are placed for the jump ball at the biginning of the game.

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Q: Where do the players line up at the start of the game?
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Where do players line up to start a soccer game?

They Line up behind the center in there positions

Whats the name of how you start a basketball game?

When the referee throws the ball up between two players to start a game, that is called a jump ball.

Can you start a basketball game with four players?

Sure. Just make up your rules and play.

How does the basketball game start?

the basketball game starts when the referrie throughs the ball up and then the 2 players go for the ball

What players do before they start playing?

the players warm up before they start play

Where do offensive line football players line up?

On the line of scrimmage, where the ball is spotted.

How do you Substitute for a volleyball game?

you twirl your two pointer fingers toward the up refee and the players go to the 10 foot line and the judges get the numbers of both the players and then they switch

In American football there are 11 players on the field at one time but how many players make up the entire offensive side?

As far as the professional game is concerned, there can be a maximum of 45 players dressed for a National Football League game. Of these players 11 start on the offensive side and 11 start on the defensive side. In today's game, no player starts on both offense and defense. So that would leave 23 players on the team that do not start. Two of those players are the punter and placekicker. That leaves 21 players and of those players the breakdown of offense to defense is usually very close. So, of the 45 players that dress for a game, it would be safe to say that 21-22 of them are offensive players and 21-22 of them are defensive players.

What is line up in volley ball?

The order in which the players are on the court.

How many players must be on the line of scrimmage in American football?

20, I believe Only 7 offensive players must be on the line. The defense can line up anywhere.

A professional game is made up of four of these?


How many players on the defensive team have to be on the line of scrimmage in football?

The defense can line up anywhere behind the line. None have to be on the line.

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