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Not exactly.

The 1981 Statler Brothers song, Don't Wait on Me, contains the line "When the lights go on at Wrigley Field I'll be comin home to you". The song is basically about a guy who is telling his 'girlfriend' not to wait for him and that there is a better chance for lights to be put in Wrigley Field than for her to see him again. Of course, the song was released in 1981, seven years before the first night game in Wrigley.

After the lights were installed in Wrigley, in some renditions of the song the Statler Brothers would sing "When they put a dome on Wrigley Field I'll be comin home to you" instead of "When the lights go on at Wrigley Field I'll be comin home to you".

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Q: Is there a Statler Brothers song mentioning the fact that the lights went on at Wrigley Field?
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When did lights get added to Wrigley Field?

It was in 1988

What was the last Major League baseball team to have stadium lights installed?

chicago cubs at wrigley field sometime in the late eighties and the first game played under the lights was on 8/8/1988

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The first game under the lights at Wrigley field was played August 8, 1988 between the Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies. Ironically, the rains came and the game was called in the 4th inning. The first complete night game was played the next night against the New York Mets. The Cubs won 6-4. I have what appears to be a photograph that was published in either a magazine or newspaper showing Wrigley Field with full stadium lighting and with a caption below that says, "Photograph of opening night game at Wrigley Field-July 22, 1930".

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First: Cincinnati Reds, Crosley Field, 1935 Last: Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field, 1988

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Why didn't fans want Wrigley Field to get lights?

Mostly the people that lived around the ballpark didn't want the night games as they were afraid that it would bring unwanted elements and noise to their residential neighborhood. The city even passed an ordinance which prohibited night events at Wrigley.

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August 8, 1988: 91 year-old Chicago Cubs fan Harry Grossman throws a switch lighting Wrigley Field for its first ever night game. Heavy thuderstorms wipe out the Cubs-Phillies game after three innings. The first official night game would be recorded the next night.

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