Is the worlds best footballer a girl?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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no it messi

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Q: Is the worlds best footballer a girl?
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Was diego maradona the worlds best footballer?

The world's best footballer is purely a subjective topic. Everyone would have their own opinion.

7 who was voted worlds best footballer in 2009?

It was Lonel Messi of Argentina and Barcelona.

Who is the worlds faviroute footballer?

Christiano Ronaldo could be that footballer.

Who is the Worlds Richest Footballer?

The Protuguese footballer Christanio Ronaldo is the world richest footballer/

Who is the currently the worlds smallest footballer?

Peter Crouch :)

A famous black man that played sports man before 1980?

pele(worlds best footballer).muhammed ali. there are lots

What's the worlds best selling magazine?

Total Girl of course!

Who write worlds first dictionary?

shamiah the world best girl did

Who is the world riches footballer?

Many football players get richer everyday. So the worlds richest footballer is always changing.

What is Hannah Montana's best song from her?

My favorite song is best of both worlds and girl night out.

Worlds richest footballer?

The richest footballer is David Beckham and Lionel Messi.

Who is the most famous girl footballer?

The most famous lady footballer is the American footballer Mia Haam.