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Yes. In fact, if the ball reaches the very front edge of the goal line, just the first blade of grass with white paint on it, it's a touchdown.

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Q: Is the white line before the endzone a touchdown?
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What is a touchdown?

== == == == When the ball is advanced past the end zone line it is called a touchdown. It is worth 6 points. A touchdown can be scored on offense or defense by any player. A touchdown can also be scored if there is a fumble in the end zone, and the team that scored on that end zone recovers the fumble.

In the NFL A player has possession of the football dives into the endzone crosses the goal line and is hit in mid air causing him to lose the ball Is this a touchdown or a fumble?

It depends on whether or not he has the ball in his hands when he hits the ground of the endzone. If it is not in his possession, then it is a fumble and can be recovered by a defender. If it is in his hands and he touches the endzone, then it is a touchdown. If he was in possession of the ball when the ball crossed the goal line, it's a touchdown. As soon as the ball breaks the plane of the goal line, the ball is dead and the play is over. Anything that happens after that is irrelevant.

Why is an NFL goal line pylon out of bounds?

The goal line is marked inbounds, but extends beyond the in bounds line. The pylon is the point at which the goal line is out of bounds. It is used by the sideline officials (usually deep wings: FG & SG) to determine when a touchdown is scored or not on plays that are at made at one of the four corners of the endzone. In the NFL, the ball has to be inside the pylon when running into the endzone to be considered a touchdown. In the NCAA starting this year (2012), and part of the player can touch the pylon and as long as the ball is inside the goal line extended (extending into the out of bounds area), to be considered a touchdown. In high school, the ball has to cross the goal line extended to be considered a touchdown.

What has to happen for a play to be a touchdown?

The team that has the ball has to cross the touchdown plain (white line) and still have possession.

Does the ball have to cross the entire goal line or just touch it to be a touchdown?

Any part of the ball must cross the goal line. Once any part of the ball has "broken the plane" it is a touchdown. The "whole" ball does not need to cross the line. If the ball is touching the white line, but no part of it passes the white line it is NOT a touchdown.

Can a player cross the end line?

The end line do you mean the endzone????

Why is a fumble that gos backward out of the inzone for the offense a safety and not a touchbach?

If you put the ball into your own endzone by backward pass or by carrying it there if the ball becomes dead in the endzone it is either a safety if you have possession at the end of the play or a touchdown if the oponent has possession at the end of the play. A ball that goes out of bounds is in possession of the last team to have possession in bounds so a ball going out of bounds in that case is a safety. Likewise a ball fumbled that goes out of bounds behind the goal line is a touchback because the team put the ball in the oponents endzone. If you put the ball in the oponents endzone it is either a touchback if he has possession or a touchdown if you have possession in the end zone at the end of the play. A kick remains a kick until it is possessed or is dead. That is why a ball touched by the receivers that then goes in the endzone where it is downed by the receivers is a touchback. It was the kick that put the ball in the opponents endzone.

How do you celebrate while running for a touchdown in madden 10?

After you score a touchdown, blue squares will appear in the endzone and at the base of the fan's seats. Get to one of these squares and press the "Y" button (for Xbox 360) or Triangle button (for PS3) and your player will do a celebration.

Is line of scrimmage the invisible line?

The line of scrimmage is an imaginary line passing through the foremost point of the ball after the ball is marked ready for play. The space occupied by the ball is considered the neutral zone. The defense must stay on their side of the neutral zone and only the snappers hands may be in the neutral zone for the offense. Measurements are taken at the foremost point of the ball and the foremost point must touch the goal line for a touchdown.. When an offense is running out of its own endzone it must get the ball completely out of the endzone or it is a safety.

If a NFL player goes out of bounds are they out of the play?

According to referee Ed Hochuli who is quoted in the article that you can read at the 'Touchdown or No Touchdown' link below, a player who crosses out of bounds is awarded a touchdown if a part of his body touches in the end zone, or the pylon, after the ball crosses the 'imaginary' goal line outside the pylons. I interpret the question to ask if a player lands completely out of bounds but the ball crosses the 'imaginary' goal line outside the pylon, is it a touchdown? The way I understand what I read, the answer is no since no part of the player touched inbounds. Click on the 'Touchdown or No Touchdown' link to read the article and weigh in with your opinions. If I'm understanding your question right, you're asking about the hypothetical goal line that "travels around the world" indefinitely out of bounds. The NFL just changed this rule for the 2008 season, so that the extended goal line no longer exists. The player must now break the plane of the goal line within the field of play, or press the ball against the corner pylon, for the touchdown to count.

What yard line is the crossbar of an NFL goal post?

It is not on a yard line, it is on the back line of the endzone, which is 10 yards deep.

If the returner of a kickoff touches the ball on the 1 yard line then bobbles the ball and it goes into and out of the endzone who's ball is it and where is it placed?

It is a fumble when the ball is bobbled and a touchback when it goes out of the endzone. It is placed on the twenty yard line.