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It's the most well known. There are three main stage races on the UCI (union cycliste internationale) .. -la vuelta espana

-le giro d'italia

-le tour de France

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Q: Is the tour de France the biggest cycling race?
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Why is the Tour France named?

The Tour de France, the cycling race, just means tour of France, tour meaning race in this instance. So called because it goes around France.

What is a famous french cycling race?

Tour de france

What part of france is the worlds best cycling race?

Tour de France

What is France's races?

The most famous cycling race in the world is the Tour De France.

Which the world best known cycling race?

in france is TOUR DE FRANCE!trust me

What is the world's best known cycling race?

Tour de France

What is France cycling race?

The most famous bicycle race in France is probably the Tour de France. A stage race lasting Three weeks.

Where is worlds best known cycling race?

The world's best known cycling race is probably Le Tour de France, which is held in France, which is a country in Europe.

What is the name of the cycling event held every year in France?

Just curious, but is this question for your French homework?

What is the most famous bike race in France called?

The tour de France cycling race, held every July, is a world-famous cycling event.

Which sport is the biggest annual sport held in France every year?

cycling. the Tour De France event is very famous

Which is the longest cycling event in the world?

Overall Longest: Tour Divide, mountain bike race. Road: Le Tour de France