Is the stx summit better than stx Sabre?

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2012-04-18 15:56:30

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The stx sabre is very light, however it dents fairly easy. The summit does not seem to be as light. They both are alright shafts though.

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2012-04-18 15:56:30
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Q: Is the stx summit better than stx Sabre?
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What is a light lacrosse shaft and has good grip for a intermediate player?

The STX Sabre or the STX Summit.

Will a stx proton power head fit on a stx Sabre Stick?

yes, both stx

Should i get he stx vanadium shaft or the stx summit shaft?

Get the summit, I have had it since last season and Its great.

What kind of lacrosse stick does kyle harrison use?

He uses a STX Proton and a STX Sabre shaft.

What is the best defensive lacrosse shaft?

The best d pole is for a beginner is the brine f15 for an intermidate is stx summit grip and expert stx sc ti pro

Which lacrosse head is better the STX deuce or STX viper 2?

viper 2

What is the difference in a Ford F-150 XL and the Ford F-150 STX?

The STX model F-150s have some better features, such as available voice-activated Sync from Microsoft and Sirius Satellite Radio. One downside the STX has from the XL is that you can get the 5.4L Triton V8 engine in the XL, but the largest engine available for the STX is the 4.6L 3-valve V8. The STX also has no available crew cab, while the XL does have an available crew cab. Most people say that the STX looks better than the XL too. The XL models are cheaper than the STX models too, although only by around $1,000 with the starting prices.

Do the stx k18 or warrior sugar daddy gloves have better grip?

I think the k18 have a better grip than the sugar daddy's and i also think the k18s are a better glove.

What is the best lacrosse company?

Warrior, Brine, and STX are the better ones

What is better warrior mojo or stx bionic?

tough choice but i personally like the mojo better than the bionic, but a good lacrosse player can play with any head or shaft

Is the stx super power stiffer than the stx proton power?

it is the exact same thing as the pp just wider--so no

Is john deere 125 bigger than a stx 38?

From everything I see the 125 is a 42" mower with a 20HP engine. The STX-38 mowers were 38" with either a 12.5 or a 13HP engine. So, yes the 125 is bigger than the STX-38.

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