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Yes, it WAS a race, it is no longer a horse race.

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Q: Is the ocean of fire still a horse race?
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How do i find blood line history of a Irish race horse?

If it is a registered race horse in Australia try this? my horse is an Irish race horse, but raced in Australia - and he was still on this website (linked in related links).

When did race horse Cigar die?

I think he is still alive.

What is an entry in a horse race?

well first there is a 5 day entry stage for a race that u enter ur horse in, if u still want to run ur horse, there is then a 48 hour declaration stage where ur horse is declared for the race and in to run.

Is winning colors the race horse still alive?

As of February 2008, yes.

What is the oldest retired race horse?

Amie, is 32 years old and still living.

If the odds of a horse winning a horse race are 2 to 7 then the odds against that horse winning the race are?

If the odds of a horse winning a horse race are 2 to 7 then the odds against that horse winning the race are 7 to 2.

One who rides horse in a race?

Jockey is defined as a person who rides a horse in a race.

What is claimer race?

A horse race in which the owner declares before the race how much the horse will be offered for sale after the race.

Who was the fastest race horse?

Secretariat was the fastest race horse ever.

Rider of a horse in race?

The rider of a horse in a race is called a Jockey.

What is the biggest horse race in the world?

the derby is the largest horse race in the world.

What Disney movie has a horse race in it?

It's called Horse Sense. The derby stallion featuring Zac Efron. I adore that movie. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mary Poppins also has a horse race scene. They were CARTOON horses, but I still think that counts.

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