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The rider of a horse in a race is called a Jockey.

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Q: Rider of a horse in race?
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What do you call a horse rider in a horse race?

a jockey

What is a racehorse-rider called?

A race horse rider is called a jockey.

What is the status of a riderless horse finishing a race?

A horse that loses its rider is disqualified.

What was thename of the horse and rider tocome5th in 1954 grandnational?

the grandnational is no longer a horse-and-rider race, and therefor the answer cannot be found

What happens on Melbourne cup day?

You either bet on which horse/rider will win the race or just watch the race

A french horse rider?

Eric Lamaze is a french horse rider.

What does Not Applicable horse rider mean?

a horse rider is not needed in this case.?

Do not use your horn directly behind a or a horse rider and?

Do not use your horn directly behind a horse rider or you will spook the horse. A spooked horse can be dangerous to the rider.

What advantage does the inside lane give the horse and rider?

If you mean for horse racing, the inside track is shorter then the outside. If you are in a horse race you want to "Hug the rail" and thus save your horse's energy.

What is a the difference in eventing between a novice horse and a novice rider?

Novice horse means that the horse has gone novice and the rider hasn't, and novice rider means that only the rider has gone novice, not the horse.

How do you write a sentence using the word rein?

"The rider was unable to complete the horse race, as the horse's left rein had worn through and snapped." A rein is the strap connected to the bit in a horse's mouth. It is held by the rider, and used to steer the horse. Normally there are two reins, one either side of the horse.

What side do you overtake a horse rider on?

if you want to overtake a horse rider you do it on the outside !!!

A seat of rider on a horse's back?

A saddle is what a rider sits on when riding a horse.

When was The Rider on the White Horse created?

The Rider on the White Horse was created in 1888.

What is a Roman Rider?

bareback horse rider

What is an intermediate horse rider?

An intermediate horse rider usually refers to a rider's skill level. In this case, an average (not novice, not expert) rider.

What is cross country horse riding?

Cross Counrty Horse Riding is a sport for rider and horse, built like an endurance race with jumps, hills, trees, rivers, and other obstacles.

What do you call a child riding a horse?

Anyone who rides a horse is just called a 'rider'. Horse rider or equestrian rider are both work as well.

Who does the work when riding a horse the horse or the rider?

The Horse should work harder than the rider, if the horse is working correctly, this will be the case. The rider does a lot of work to keep the horse going/moving where he should. The rider uses their arms, legs, seat, hands, and weight balance to communicate to the horse. The horse works also since he is the one moving his body in the pace and direction that the rider asks for. Horse and rider are a team.

What is a rider on a horse in a race called which starts with the alphabet 'j'?

I believe the person who rides the horses in the races is called a Jockey.

How many pages does The Rider on the White Horse have?

The Rider on the White Horse has 150 pages.

If a horse starts suddenly the rider may fall due to?

The rider was not ready and expecting it and the rider didn't go with the horse!

How many miles a rider rode one horse?

what u talking about? a rider can ride a horse as long as he/she wants, until either the rider or horse dies...

What do you call a horse rider?

A jockey. ____________ Jockey, someone who rides a race horse. Equestrian, someone who rides a horse for fun or competition. Equestrian is also a general term for anyone involved with horses.

What is a young horse rider called?

A young horse rider can be called several things: A Young Rider,Junior Rider, or simply Equestrian like an adult.