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Q: Is the defensive players foot considered part of the base on a force out?
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How many defensive baseball players are there?

There are 9 defensive baseball players on the field at all times here is a list: Pitcher, Catcher, Firstbase, Second Base, Third Base, Shortstop, Left Field, Right Field, Centerfield.

On a force out at second base in softball the defensive player can?

grab the ball so you can try to make it in the other persons goal

How many players are there on the field at one time for team in softball?


What are the infield positions that defensive players may occupy in baseball?

you can either play first second third base or shortstop.

Is running out of the base line on third out considered a force out?

Running outside of the base line is always an out.

When is a stolen base not a stolen base?

When it's defensive indifference

Can a tag be considered a force out?

On a force out, you may either tag the base the runner is being forced to, or you may tag the runner before he gets to that base. If it is not a force out, you must tag the runner while he is off whatever base he has a legal right to occupy.

Is force out like double play in baseball?

No a force out is when you can throw to a base and not have to tag the runner because there is already a runner on the base behind them so they cant go back. A double play is when you get two players out in one play.

What is the base word in the word defensive?


How much players in a baseball game?

There can be 25 on each teams roster for a total of 50 for both teams. Of course only 9 players on the defensive team can be on the field at any time. There can be no more than 4 offensive players on the field. 1 batting and 3 on base. Therefore there can be 13 players on the field during a game.

How many baseball players on field at one time?

The maximum number of players on the field at any one time is 13, nine defensive players including the pitcher, and four offensive players, one occupying each base and the hitter. The catcher, by the way, is the only defensive player allowed to be in position not in fair territory. If your questions refers to how many players are allowed in the "outfield" at any one time, the answer is there is no limit, all eight defensive players, including the catcher, if you so choose, may be positioned in the outfield. The only one not allowed is the pitcher, of course, who must pitch the ball to begin play.

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