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There are 9 defensive Baseball players on the field at all times here is a list: Pitcher, Catcher, Firstbase, Second Base, Third Base, Shortstop, Left Field, Right Field, Centerfield.

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Q: How many defensive baseball players are there?
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How many defensive players are a part of the outfield in baseball?


How many players are on the filed in baseball?

At any time, there are 9 defensive players and 1 to 4 offensive players on the field.

IN Baseball when positioning players defensively on the field how many players are allowwed to be in Foul territory?

In baseball the only defensive player allowed to be in foul territory is the catcher. Otherwise it's a fielders balk.

How many defensive players are on the field during football?


What are the names of past defensive patriot players?

There are hundreds of former defensive Patriots players.

Why do the patriots sign rookie defensive players?

Because they are looking for young fast defensive players who are coachable.

Altogathor how many players and officials are on the field?

There are a total of 29 people on the field. 11 Offensive players 11 Defensive Players 7 Officials

How many players start on the defensive line?

Depending on the setup its either 3-4= Defensive End/Nose Guard/Defensive End 4-3= Defensive End/Defensive Tackle/Defensive Tackle/Defensive End 5-2=Defensive End/Defensive Tackle/Nose Guard/Defensive Tackle/Defensive End

How many meters are the defensive players must move in the game lacrosse?

4 meters

How many baseball players are allowed in the outfield at one time?

You can place as many players in the OF that you want. Considering that the pitcher and catcher must stay in position, that gives you seven players to play in the OF, if you so wish. Remember that the only defensive player allowed to be stationed in foul territory is the catcher who must be in the catcher's box when the pitch is delivered. The only two defensive positions that are set by rule is the pitcher and catcher. All other fielders may play where the manager wants them to play. So, to answer your question, as many as seven defensive players are allowed to play in the outfield at any one time.

What are the infield positions that defensive players may occupy in baseball?

you can either play first second third base or shortstop.

How many players were there in baseball in 1927?

25 players