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Q: Is the basketball team or baseball team better in Connecticut?
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How many sports teams are in Connecticut?

Connecticut is not known for having a professional sports team. UCONN athletics is the most followed teams out of Connecticut, but there are many development teams stationed there. In baseball they have a minor league team named the Connecticut Tigers. For basketball the only professional team is the Connecticut Sun of the WNBA. And for hockey the most supported team in the state is the Connecticut Whales.

Does Connecticut have a Major League Baseball baseball team?


Which is Better Louisville BasketBall Team or Kentucky Basketball Team?

Kentucky is better because they have won more games then Louisville.

What team won both football and basketball national championships in the same year?


What basketball team is called huskies?

The University Of Connecticut (UConn) teams are known as the Huskies.

Is basketball better than rugby?

no way never Baseball is way better then rugby ... ( i cant name one player let alone a team)

Does WWE Dave batista have a favorite basketball and baseball team?

Dave Batista's favourite basketball team is Lakers

What was the first team sport?

Basketball and Baseball probabaly

Where to get training for basketball?

At a basketball court. Try and join a program or a team to improve better.

If the basketball team at your school was chasing the baseball team what time would it be?


What is better Arizona or North Carolina?

Arizona (in baseball). I personaly think Norht Carolina is a better college basketball team but i dont know anything else about either

What does 5 P on a B T mean?

5 = Players in a Basketball Team (USA)players on a basketball team?

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