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kind of.. demi point shoes are to make your feet stronger.. iv been on pointe for a while now, and my RAD teacher has just suggested that i purchase a pair of demi pointes (or soft blocks) i have strong feet, but this is what she explained to me: professional dancers dance on pointe.. so why do we dance all these years on flats or split soles? she says that professionals almost never dance on stage with flats, so in order to train our feet and not put them in total pain with pointe shoes.. we wear demi pointes.

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Q: Is the RAD demi pointe shoes for pointe work?
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In RAD, you start wearing pointe shoes in Intermediate Foundation.

How long after you start ballet can you dance Demi pointe?

If you are talking about demi pointe shoes (otherwise known at soft blocks) your teacher may recommend you to wear them. I recently got my demi pointe shoes and have been taking ballet classes for just over a year (now at grade 4). Mine were very uncomfortable at first, but you just have to break them in, just like you would for a regular pointe shoe. If in any doubt talk to you ballet teacher, they could give you some advice about whether you should need soft blocks. Also if you are taking RAD intermediate exams, I believe it is compulsory to have demi pointe shoes. Not completely sure though, i would double check. Good luck and hope this was some help to you:)

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