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i think it is if you want more info message me!!

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Q: Is the L stunt illegal in cheerleading?
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What is the stunt for level one cheerleading?

A thigh stand

What is the cheer stunt that they hold you at their waists called?

The cheerleading stunt for which one person is held at the waiste is called the prep.

How do you do a cheerleading stunt without other people?

Back hand spring?

How do you work in cheerleading?

To get a job in cheerleading, you can try out for the cheerleading team of a professional football team (such as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders), stunt double for characters in cheerleading movies (have you ever seen Bring It On?), or coach/assistant coach a cheerleading team near you.

What is the most dangerous stunt in cheerleading?

Basket toss full, or a one man

How long does a cheerleading stunt stand usually take to get to your house?

about 1 to 2 weeks :)

What is a secondary base in cheerleading?

A secondary base is the person lifting on the left side of the stunt.

May you see a picture of a cheerleading stunt?

this is called a pyramid by Clio High School.

How would you make a stunt stepper for cheerleading?

you could probably build one out of thick wood and nails, but that isn't as safe as buying a stunt stepper, stunt stand, or fly tee.

What is a cradel used cheerleading?

Acradle is a dismoutn from a stunt where the flyer is tossed and caught in the seated position

What are the bases names for a cheerleading stunt?

There are all different types of names; you like lifters, basers, etc.

What is flying in cheerleading?

The person who is in the air, on top of the pyramid, at the top of the stunt, the one people are holding up.