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No, sometimes they go on tours to England for friendly tests.

Your topic is: 'Ashes Tests".

The Ashes series are only between Australia and England. But occasionally the two countries may play a test while on tour that is not Ashes related.

Whoever answered above is probably an indian.... every single test between Australia and England is an Ashes Test.

Correction: Ashes tests are five match series, if a series less than 5 match, that will not be a ashes (But i haven't seen it before )!

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Ashes Test Series a Turning Point?Yes, it is going to be the turning point in cricket history.
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Q: Is the Ashes test series a turning point in cricket history?
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Why did this ashes series take place?

why did this current cricket ashes series take place

What teams are on ashes cricket 09?

Ashes is a legendary cricket series that is played between Australia and England. The series has a great history and great captains like Ian Botham, Alain Border etc have contributed to their sides victory in the Ashes tournament. England and Australia are the two teams in Ashes 09

Which country participates in the Ashes Cricket series?

Ashes Test series is played between Australia and England.

Is ashes the biggest rivalry in the history of cricket?

Yes i think

Where did the Ashes cricket was held?

ashes is a test series played between Australia and England and in both the countries

Which series was the Ashes urn presented to the English Cricket team?


What is ashes cup in cricket?

The Ashes is a Test cricket series, played between England and Australia. It is one of international cricket's most celebrated rivalries and dates back to 1882. It is currently played biennially, alternately in England and Australia. A series of "The Ashes" now comprises five Test matches, two innings per match, under the regular rules for international Test-match cricket. If a series is drawn then the country already holding the Ashes retains them.

What is the test cricket series played between Australia and England called?

The Ashes.

What is Famous cricket test series that is played between England and Australia?

its called the ashes

When did Mike Gatting as captain of England win an Ashes Cricket series in Australia?


Who was Cricket Ashes 2009 man of series?

Andrew Strauss (England ) and Michael clarke (Australia)

When is the Ashes cricket series as in every year or every 2nd year?

2 yrs once