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The Ashes.

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Q: What is the test cricket series played between Australia and England called?
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What is Famous cricket test series that is played between England and Australia?

its called the ashes

What prize does an English verses an Australian team get in cricket?

The prize that they receive is called the ashes which is a little urn filled with the ashes of stumps burned at the first game between Australia and England.

What is the Rugby League test series between Australia and England called?

Four Nations

If NZ Cricket team is Black Caps What is Australia's Cricket Team called?

They don't have such names.

What was the 1932-33 England cricket tour of Australia called?

The English tour of Australia in 1932-33 was made notorious for the English team's "Bodyline" tactics, in which the cricket ball was bowled short in order to rise towards the batsman's body on leg-stump, in order to deflect onto the leg side of the batsman and easily into the hands of fielders behind square leg.

Why do Australia VS England in cricket every year?

It is called the ashes they play every year since the Aussies first beat the world wide champions the English

Is there a wooden foot stool called a cricket?

in the North of England it is called a cracket

Which stadium is called the Mecca of cricket?

The Oval Cricket Ground