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Depending on manufacturer, it would range from 54-56 degrees. The most common would be either 54 or 56 degrees.

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A 56 degree is a sand wedge.

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Q: Is the 56 degree pitching wedge a sand wedge?
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What degree lie is a standard wedge?

Pitching W 48 Gap W 52 Sand W 56 Lob W 60

What is the loft Taylor made r7 sand wedge?

46 degrees. Also the A wedge is 51 and the sand wedge is 55.

What is the degee of bounce for a Cleveland RTG 56 Degree Sand Wedge?

14 degrees

What is the loft of a Wilson 1200 ge pitching wedge?

most wilson Pitching wedges have about a 56 degree loft with a medium or 10 degree bounce loft

What is the loft for a d wedge golf club?

The "A" wedge is sometimes lumped with the Gap wedge although increasingly more often they are split out for the gap to be defined as 50-54 degrees while the "A" (or approach) wedge is between 46 and 50. These have increased in popularity as manufacturers have decreased the loft of irons for the purposes of range through the 90's as more and more golfers (whether by improved skills, manufacturing techniques or "forgiveness") were able to hit short irons much more consistently.The Nike golf site lists the A wedge as a 50 degree loft and 64.5 degree lie.

Does a wedge replace a sand wedge?

There are primarily 3 types of wedges, Pitching, Sand and Lob. A Pitching wedge has about 46-48 degrees of loft, a Sand wedge has about 54-56 degrees of loft and a lob wedge has about 58- even 64 degrees. Depending on player preference they can have low or high bounce which can assist getting out of the sand and help when playing certain types of course, if you have a low bounce club on soggy turf you may go under the ball easier, not getting proper contact. There are also gap wedges which are designed to fit between the Pitching and Sand wedge, at about 50 or 52 degrees.

Which is the pitching and which is the lob 48 or 56?

48 is the pitching wedge and 56 is eitha sandwedge or lobwedge

What is the order of wedges?

Pitching wedge (P) 46-48 degrees Gap wedge 50-52 (G) degrees (May be called approach or utility wedge) Sand wedge 54-56 (S) degrees Lob wedge 58-60 (L) degrees Extra lofted wedge 62-64 degrees.

What is ideal loft for gap wedge if you have a 46 degree pitching wedge?

It depends what loft your sand wedge is. It is ideal to have an equal gap between all your wedges, this allows consistency for example you could have any of these. PW 46, GW 50, SW 54 AND LW 58 PW 46, GW 52, SW/LW 58 PW 46, GW 50/52 and SW 56

What is the idea loft for a gap wedge if you have a 44 degree pitching?

44 Degrees for a PW seems a bit strong, but it would depend what degree your SW or LW is. If you had a 44 and a 60, a 52 would be perfect. If you have a 44 and a 56 a 50 would be perfect.

What is a 10 club in golf?

10 iron is used by Callaway on some of their irons. It is basically a pitching wedge.

What is the loft for an H wedge golf club and used for what and What is the loft for an G wedge golf club and used for what?

An H wedge has a loft of 64 degrees on average and is used to produce an even higher arc than a lob wedge to have little or no roll when the ball hits the target area. A G wedge ,or gap wedge, has a loft of between 45 and 56 degrees. It's use is to fill the distance gap between the Sand and Pitching wedges.