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No, a stolen base only occurs when a batter attempts to take a base during a pitch.

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Q: Is tagging up in baseball considered a stolen base?
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What does sb mean in baseball?

SB means Stolen Base, in a scorebook.

What happens if the third basemen steps onto the base with the ball rather than tagging runners who avoided colliding with him and touched the base where Runner from 2nd base which is NOT a force play?

It is ruled a stolen base

What is sb in baseball?

stolen base

What do the initials SB indicates in baseball?

Stolen Base

What does sbo stand for in baseball?

Stolen BaseIn baseball, the acronym/abbreviation SB stands for "Stolen Base."

What does SB mean on a baseball card?

This is just a guess. Could it be shortstop?

When is a stolen base not a stolen base?

When it's defensive indifference

If you get a hit and steal a base is it considered a double?

no ---------- Batting average and stolen bases are both statistical categories. If you get a hit, your total number of hits and your batting average go up. If you steal a base, your total number of stolen bases and your stolen base average go up. They're separate categories, and have no effect on each other.

How does a baseball player receive over 1.000 in Stolen Base Percentage?

By making at least one attempt or more at stealing a base and not getting caught.

What is a word that means to tag a base runner out?

I think they just call it tagging somebody out.

What does stolen base mean in baseball?

It means to run an extra base while the person who just hit the ball with the bat is running to a base.

In fastpitch softball does it count as a stolen base when the runner advances on a pass ball?

Advancing on a passed ball does not count as a stolen base unless runner was already in the act of stealing the base, in that case it is a stolen base.