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Yes, swimming is better for body than dancing as swimming allowing exercising and practicing more body muscles than dancing.

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Q: Is swimming better for your body than dancing?
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Does dancing burn more calories than swimming?

Dancing burns much more calories

Is swimming as good as running for losing weight?

As a matter of fact, swimming may be better than running because it has less impact on joints and more of the body is used for swimming than running.

What is the better work out swimming or gym sessions?

I think that gym is better than swimming in sometimes ..

Is hockey better than swimming?

hockey is way better than suimming

Why is netball better than swimming?

Netball is not better than swimming and swimming isn't better than Netball because its up to you what you like better. So if you cant decide ask a friend or try out the sport but if you don't like it try thay other.

Is walking a better way to lose weight than swimming?

No swimming is better as it uses more muscles

Is swimming better exercise than football?

yes, swimming is better. you use EVERY muscle in your body to swim and when you swim you can just stop for a second to catch your breath. if you think football is harder try doing it holding your breath.

Is indoor swimming better than outdoor swimming?

Both the swimming pool has benefits and drawbacks. It's your lifestyle to choose the type of enjoyment but I would mostly prefer outdoor swimming. It can make me more comfortable with friends. From my point of view outdoor swimming is better than indoor swimming.

Are girls better at dancing than boys?

by far yes

Are swimming jammers better than swim briefs?

Jammers are the best thing you can use as of this point.(now that body and leg suits are banned) A suit is better than skin up to a certain number of swims when it starts to wear away. When using a jammer the suit covers more area of the skin than breifs and gives more compression the the leg muscles which is better for swimming.

Which is a better time in swimming-a zone or a star?

Swimming Zones is far more impressive than swimming stars but stars is good training

Is swimming in the ocean better than in a pool?

an ocean is better for swimming because of the waves and you are able to surf and have a better time....the pool you just swim.... but it also depends on the individual....

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