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Absolutely not. There are many players with higher education. Of course that having higher education and playing soccer professionally is by no means an easy task,but more and more players are reaching higher levels, and being a future coach in the best leagues requires now a certain level of studies too.

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Q: Is soccer only for people with lower education?
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Do soccer players need education?

Yes, you need to have education to be a soccer player because the leaders of the soccer teams would not only take you and play with just because your good, no they would see if you have education to take you and become a professional soccer player.

Can you play soccer with 9?

Yes, you can play soccer with nine people. Playing soccer will be a challenge with only nine players, though. If you go lower than nine, you would eather have to forfit and scrimmage or just forfit.

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What education did Pele have?

Pele only had an elementary school education before making it big in the field of soccer. However, he had no high school or college experience.

How many people in the world like soccer?

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Do people in china play Chinese football?

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Who supports soccer?

Well Americans are the only dreamers to call it soccer. Its called football and millions of people support it.

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Can you block people in soccer?

Not if you mean like the way you can in American football. You can tackle in soccer, which is only using legs to get the ball away

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