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No he did not play soccer.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-31 23:37:59
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Q: Did Michael Jackson play soccer
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Did Michael Jordan play soccer?

yes he did play soccer but was not very good at it

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midfield and he play for Chelsea

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Yes. Michael Jackson Was the lead singer of The Jackson 5, until he broke up with them to play alone.

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No he didn't play Michael's father in The Jackson's : An American Dream Lawrence Hilton Jacobs played Joe Jackson

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He did play Beat It at Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary concert. He also played other original songs for Michael like Give Into Me and Dirty Diana.

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What instrument did Michael Jackson play in Jackson 5 tamburine or congas?


What did Michael Owen do for a living?

Play soccer of Manchester United.

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Michael Johnson played soccer for Manchester City. The 24yr old was tipped to have a career as an England player.

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No, he's dead.

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Michal Jackson Played the pianist Razmatazz

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He didn't really play any sports.

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Michael played the Scarecrow.

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Michael Bradley plays for the U.S. World Cup Soccer Team.

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A fat, balding Russian that loves to play soccer.

How did Michael Jackson's dad play a role in his music?

Michael Jackson's father played a role in his music by making him practice for long hours in their home in Gary, Indiana. He was also Michael Jackson's first manager.