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Skiing is definitely easier to learn. I've skied for almost 5 years, and just recently I've been trying Snowboarding. But I've heard that once you get the hang of snowboarding It's really fun and easy.

That is definitely true, I've been a skier for 6 years and a boarder for 2. Skiing was much easier to learn. Once you get the hang of snowboarding you get pretty good pretty fast. Basically skiing is easier to learn but harder to master but snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master.

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Q: Is snowboarding or skiing easier to learn?
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Is skiing or snowboarding harder?

Skiing is easy to learn and hard to master. It is easier to balance on. Snowboarding is hard to learn and easy to master. It is easier to do tricks on.

Is skiing easier than snowboarding?

Skiing is def. easier than snowboarding!

Is snowboarding easier than skiing?


Is snowboarding or skiing easier?

Skiing is easier to learn at first as you are traveling in your normal direction and your feet are not connected so you can adjust your balance better. Once you learn then you can advance faster on a snowboard than on skis.

What is more popular skiing or snowboarding?

Skiing is still more popular than snowboarding because of the simple reason skiing is easier to learn at first. Snowboarders are gaining and there are some days where snowboarders out number skiers on the slopes.

Snowboarding or skiing if you are only going for a day?

skiing, easier to pick up on

Was skiing or snowboarding more popular in 2008?

Skiing is more popular for the simple fact that its easier to learn. Snowboarding is gaining in popularity every year and some days there are more snowboarders on the slopes that skiers.

What is easier snowboard or skiing?

Snowboarding has a faster learning curve.

Is snowboarding harder than skiing?

snowboarding and skiing are two different sports. in my opinion skiing is easier because you are strapped to the board better than you are on skis when you snowboard.

What is better for starters snowboarding or skiing?

Skiing is usually tried first as skiing is easier to learn. People will want to learn for many different reasons, so no matter what you try is always a good idea to take a lesson with a certified pro.

Is snowboarding or skiing better?

SNOWBOARDING 1000000000%

What is cooler skiing or snowboarding?


Which one is cooler skiing or snow boarding?

Coming from a snowboarder, Skiing is by far easier and warmer but snowboarding is way more fun.

Which is better ski or snowboarding?

That depends, skiers would probably say skiing and snowboarders would say snowboarding. You would have to try both to really know but then that's everyones individual opinion. I am a snowboarder so I would say snowboarding is the best. (By different person) I think that skiing and snowboarding are both equal in some way. If you were to be starting one of those two winter type sports, I believe that you should start off with skiing. Then advance to snowboarding if you wish to do so. This is what I did when I wanted to do a winter sport. If you want to join a ski and boarding club, join the Eskimo Club in Colorado(if you are in Colorado). As a general rule, skiing is easier to learn but harder to master, snowboarding is harder to learn and easier to master (after you have general skills and experience).

Which came first snowboarding or skiing?


Is snowboarding harder or skiing?

It depends if you started out skiing snowboarding would be harder. vice versa

Is aperture a skiing brand or a snowboarding brand?

Aperture is a known brand for snowboarding. but I think they also have products for skiing.

What is better skiing or snowboarding?

defenatly snowboarding. I've done both and I'd recomend snowboarding.

Which is more popular skiing or snowboarding and by how much?

Skiing is by far more popular than snowboarding. But people are starting to pick up snowboarding more because it only takes about 3 days to learn as opposed to skiing, which takes years to perfect. I work at a ski resort and we have seen the rise of snowboarders, which in some cases, out number skiiers, but i personally like skiing more.

Name four activities enjoyed by Canadians?

skiing, skating, curling, and snowboarding.

What is a difference skies and snow boards have?

Snowboarding is harder to learn than skiing. If you want to snowboard take classes.

How is snowboarding easier?

As a snowboard instructor, I believe that snowboarding is a little more tricky to learn, but then easier to master. You have to really focus on your balance. As you get better, you start to use your lower half of your body to do all the work. It starts in the feet, goes to the knees, then finishes in your hips. Once you get the hang of it, it gets progressively easier to do manuevers such as carving,wide radius turns, close radius turns, and then maybe even the terrain park. Snowboarding is a lot of fun and is definetely worth learning. skiing is easier to learn, but then it gets really boring. theres only so much you csn do with it. Snowboarding is much more entertaining.

Is snowboarding hart?

If you meant to say hard, then i would say yes and no. Snowboarding is hard in the fact that it is much more difficult than skiing to learn. But no because once you learn the basics, you progress very fast.

What are some examples of extreme winter sports?

Snowboarding Skiing Aerials Skiing Snow-kiting Freestyle Snowboarding Ski racing

What is the winter sport of Illinois?

skiing and snowboarding