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Skiing is usually tried first as skiing is easier to learn. People will want to learn for many different reasons, so no matter what you try is always a good idea to take a lesson with a certified pro.

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Q: What is better for starters snowboarding or skiing?
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Is snowboarding or skiing better?

SNOWBOARDING 1000000000%

What is better skiing or snowboarding?

defenatly snowboarding. I've done both and I'd recomend snowboarding.

Is snowboarding harder than skiing?

snowboarding and skiing are two different sports. in my opinion skiing is easier because you are strapped to the board better than you are on skis when you snowboard.

What is cooler skiing or snowboarding?


Is skiing easier than snowboarding?

Skiing is def. easier than snowboarding!

Which came first snowboarding or skiing?


Is snowboarding harder or skiing?

It depends if you started out skiing snowboarding would be harder. vice versa

Is Skiing or Snowboarding better?

i do both so i'm not favoring either one. At first snowboarding feels cool but after doing them for many years skiing becomes much more fun

Is aperture a skiing brand or a snowboarding brand?

Aperture is a known brand for snowboarding. but I think they also have products for skiing.

Is snowboarding easier than skiing?


Name four activities enjoyed by Canadians?

skiing, skating, curling, and snowboarding.

What are some examples of extreme winter sports?

Snowboarding Skiing Aerials Skiing Snow-kiting Freestyle Snowboarding Ski racing

Why is skiing better than snowboarding?

I ski and snowboard and i actually think that snowboarding is better then skiing. True skiing is faster then snowboarding, so all-time skiers can just stop pointing that out, we know. But snowboarding requires more skill (not saying skiing doesnt require alot of skill because it does) and the tricks are cooler and i personally think its more fun. Back to when i said snowboardings harder then skiing. Which is true when your first learning because skiing is easier to turn. But once you get to a moderate skill level they are about equal in difficulty but once you get to be more advanced i believe snowboarding is harder(being advanced in both sports) SKIING IS STILL AWSOME! DONT GET ME WRONG I JUST THINK SNOWBOARDINGS BETTER. I hope this helped. Sincearly A full time mountain man MTN DEW ROCKS!

What is the winter sport of Illinois?

skiing and snowboarding

What sports can you get on mountans?

Skiing, Snowboarding, etc.

Snowboarding or skiing if you are only going for a day?

skiing, easier to pick up on

Which is safer skiing or snowboarding?

With little or no experience, neither are safe. *To my opinion, snowboarding is safer!

Is skiing or snowboarding harder?

Skiing is easy to learn and hard to master. It is easier to balance on. Snowboarding is hard to learn and easy to master. It is easier to do tricks on.

What is more dangerous skiing or snowboarding?

snowboarding is more dangerous..... you can crack your neck and smash your head....and you can't do are very limited...unlike skiing.

What profession uses slopes?

Skiing,snowboarding,and sleding

What is the most popular sport in Idaho?


What sport is famous in Colorado?

Snowboarding Skiing Snowshoeing

What are the similarities between skiing and snowboarding?

You can do tricks on both

What is the difference between snowboarding and skiing goggles?


What are some winter activities?

skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, ice skating, cross-country skiing