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its the ds equivalent of skate (1)

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โˆ™ 2009-09-09 21:17:27
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Q: Is skate it the same as skate 2?
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Is skate 3 better than skate 2?

Skate 3 and skate 2 are the same kind of. Dont waste your money on skate 3. Just buy skate 2.

How do you play 2 player on Skate 3 offline?

you cant :( i know it sucks i was really disappointed when i saw you couldn't since you could in Skate and Skate 2. You can play 2 player online with your m8s just not offline on the same console

What is the difference between Skate 2 and skate it?

Skate it is for Nintendo systems. Skate 2 is for PS3 and Xbox 360

What should buy Skate 3 or Skate 2 for xbox Skate 3 is 13 pounds Skate 2 is 18 pounds I can play online on Skate 2 with friends but not on Skate 3 because they dont have it What should I buy?


How do you buy a filmer pack in Skate 2?

go to the x box marketplace or look for skate 2 in the browse section and when you find it the pack should be in the list or for the ps3 go to the ps3 store and do the same

Can you get Skate 2 on PlayStation portable?

you can't get skate or skate 2 on psp its on playstation and xbox though.

Is Skate better thank Skate 2?

Well it most of improved so I'll have to say ''Skate 2''

What is better skate 2 or dj hero?

Skate 2 IMO.

Is skate it 2 going to come out on Wii?

They made a Wii version of skate 2. called Skate it. it is placed between Skate and Skate 2 on a timeline. its just after the "Disaster-too-gnarly-to-be-named" happens, but not late enough for San Vanelona to be rebuilt.

Is Skate 1 or 2 better?

Of course it is opinion but a majority of people say Skate 1 is better. On Skate 1 you can get more board sponsors and the physics of skating are more realistic on Skate 1. However Skate 1 slightly lacks the quality of the graphics that Skate 2 has in store. Skate 1 is cheaper than Skate 2 as it was an earlier release. Skate 1 I would say is the better game but that is a matter of opinion.

Is skate 2 better than skate?


Can you skate with terry Kennedy on Skate 2?

Yes you can

When will skate 2 come out?

I heard skate 2 is coming out on January 6, 2009

How much cost Skate 2?

Skate 2 cost 649 (kr) on

How do you unlock bam on Skate 2?

Bam isn't in skate 2, bro. sorry

What are some skateboarding games?

if you have a ds or wii then skate it is a great game. and for xbox360 and ps2 there is skate it, skate 2, and skate 3.

What game is better Skate 2 or Skate 3?

skate 3 for me cause i get better fps and can join freinds

Is skate 3 going to be better than Skate 2?

skate 3 is way better than skate 2 because better people and newer hall of meat bails i have both of the games and i gotta say skate 3 is way better than skate 2

Is Skate 2 bette than skate?

yes it is. skate three is better than one and two

Is ea skate multiplayer?

Only skate 3, because skate 2 or even 1 probebly not

Is big black in skate it?

he is in Skate 2 as your personal bodyguard

Is Skate 3 a sequel to Skate 2?

Yes, of course it is!!

Can you play two players on free skate Skate 2?


How do you you bail in skate 2?

Hit the LS, RS, RT and LT buttons at the same time. (for xbox 360)

Will Skate 2 ever come out for wii?

not as far as i know, they did make a Wii version though. called Skate It. it is possible that a Skate It 2 may come out.