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Q: Is skate 2 better than skate?
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Is skate 3 going to be better than Skate 2?

skate 3 is way better than skate 2 because better people and newer hall of meat bails i have both of the games and i gotta say skate 3 is way better than skate 2

Is Skate 2 bette than skate?

yes it is. skate three is better than one and two

Is skate 3 better than skate 2?

Skate 3 and skate 2 are the same kind of. Dont waste your money on skate 3. Just buy skate 2.

Is Skate 2 better than skate 1?

yes its More tricks than skate1 and bigger freeskate places

Is Skate 1 or 2 better?

Of course it is opinion but a majority of people say Skate 1 is better. On Skate 1 you can get more board sponsors and the physics of skating are more realistic on Skate 1. However Skate 1 slightly lacks the quality of the graphics that Skate 2 has in store. Skate 1 is cheaper than Skate 2 as it was an earlier release. Skate 1 I would say is the better game but that is a matter of opinion.

What game is better Skate 2 or Skate 3?

skate 3 for me cause i get better fps and can join freinds

Is Tony Hawk proving ground better than skate it?

Skate It is MUCH better

What is better skate 2 or dj hero?

Skate 2 IMO.

Is Skate better thank Skate 2?

Well it most of improved so I'll have to say ''Skate 2''

Is a sole skate better than a fliker scooter?

of course its a sole skate its the best skate board eva

Is Skate 2 better than Call of Duty 5?

everyone has a different opinion so no and yes

Which is better Tony Hawk or skate?

I would say that skate is considerably better than Tony Hawks for many reasons, one being that it is more realistic or that the controls are better. Skate is much better because it has much more to do and it allows you to be much more creative than Tony Hawk games allow you to be and plus skate features some amazing skaters.

Is a sole skate better than a penny board?


What game is better portal 2 or Skate 3?

Portal 2

How do you get better at skate boarding?

PrActice and ride with people that are better than you that will help you learn

Why is Bam Margera not on Skate 2?

Bam Margera is not in skate 2 because the game of skate( 1 and 2) are looking for the best skateboarders in the world right now and he is not one of those because most ams nowadays and free flow are better than him. He also does not compete in contests or makes videos anymore. He also has a contract with tony hawk games.

Did Wayne Gretzky figure skate when he was a kid?

No. His interest was always in hockey. But he learned to skate young, and was much better than other children his age.

Who is the most famous skate boarder?

I am. I am better than Ryan Sheckler. And I am only 15

Is Tony Hawk shred better than Skate 3?

Hey it's your opinion.

What is the significance of skate shoes?

Skate shoes have a wider base than regular shoes to help you grip the grip tape better. Some skate shoes are reinforced in spots are are likely to get worn down as you're skating.

What is the difference between Skate 2 and skate it?

Skate it is for Nintendo systems. Skate 2 is for PS3 and Xbox 360

Is Call of Duty better then Skate 2?

Yes! Call of Duty kicks ASS!

Is a flicker scooter better than a sole skate?

of course it is flicker is the best scooter eva

What is better Tony Hawk ride or skate it for wii?

skate it is better because it's more reeslidtic

How can you prove you're not a poser?

Who are they to judge who are you or not? As long as you know who you are, then you're fine. ------- i can't explain that better than those two a 1)First learn how to skate. 2)Then practice every day. 3)Finnally play them at skate and whip them 4)And ur not a poser