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there are no such things as jujitsu karate

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No, both are different from each other

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Q: Is shotokan karate and jujitsu karate related?
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Where was shotokan karate invented?

Shotokan karate was brought to Japan from Okinawa.

In Okinawa is Shotokan karate called Shotokan?

Japanese Shotokan Karate is taught on Okinawa. The roots of Shotokan are in Shorin Ryu karate, most of the kata can be identified as being the same.

When was Shotokan Karate of America created?

Shotokan Karate of America was created in 1955.

When was International Shotokan Karate Federation created?

International Shotokan Karate Federation was created in 1977.

Who was shotokan karate created by why is he so important?

Shotokan Karate was developed by Gichin Funakoshi. He was one of the first to bring Okinawan karate to Japan.

Is shotokan a martial art?

Yes, shotokan is a style of karate developed in Japan based on the Okinawan Shorin ryu karate.

What kind of karate does northern karate school hold?

shotokan style

Is jujitsu better than karate?

Depends on what you mean by "better." Better for what? Kempo or kenpo usually refers to stand-up fighting with rapid, crisp series of punches, kicks, and other strikes. Jujutsu (there are various spellings) includes throws, chokes, joint locks, and ground fighing. There is considerable overlap in styles, but basically it depends on what you're looking to accomplish.

Shotokan Karate of America was founded in what year?

Shotokan Karate of America was founded in the year 1959. It is a non-profit organization that aims to teach traditional Karate-Do in the USA. It is led by Tsutomu Ohshima.

What is the difference between jujitsu and karate?

karate is like choping and stuff whereas judo is throwing:)Judo is mainly holds, throws and grappling, while karate is about kicking and hitting your opponent. Both are examples of martial arts.While there are many differences, there are also a lot of similarities.Both are martial arts taught in the Japanese/Okinawan tradition, with proper respect and discipline.While Karate focuses mostly on striking, Judo is focused mostly on grappling. That does not mean they do it exclusively, as both have many similar techniques.Judo was designed as a sport, based upon Jujuitsu.

How long does it take to get a shotokan karate?

It depends were you live.