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Shotokan Karate was developed by Gichin Funakoshi. He was one of the first to bring Okinawan karate to Japan.

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Q: Who was shotokan karate created by why is he so important?
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Who was in tang soo do in the 1600s?

No one, tang so do is a modern created Korean martial art deriving from Shotokan Karate.

Can you learn karate online?

Actually I learned karate online (Shotokan to be specific) and when I went in to a challenge a sensei had made to me I won with ease so you can learn karate online. It was a qualified, experienced instructor too.

What is another word for karate?

There really is no equivalent word for karate. Many will use the style of karate, such as Shidokan or Shotokan or Isshinryu, but that is a sub-set of karate rather than saying the same thing. And karate is a sub-set of martial arts, so that is not the same.

What martial arts used in the movie 'Blade'?

Pretty much all the throws, arm locks and head locks (which turn out to be arm and head breaks) are found in Jujutsu. The strikes such as kicks, punches and elbow strikes are from various karate styles (which may also encorporate some of the throws like the style of karate I do called shotokan, which use some throws). The various blocks are found in both karate and jujutsu, but mainly karate. Wesley Snipes is a 5th dan in Shotokan karate along with other martial arts, which is why he looks so confident performing moves that take years of practise to master.

Is tae kwon do hyung or kata?

Tae Kwon Do is the art of hand and foot fighting. The original empty hand pattens created by gen. Choi were templated from Shotokan Karate. The Gen was a 2nd Dan in Shotokan upon his return to Korea. So the term Hyung is the appropriate reference for the original patterns. The Shotokan Kata,s were also included as part of the original 2nd to 4th Dan requirements for Tae Kwon Do in its infancy. This information can be found in the first publication by Gen. Choi.

What are the four major style of karate?

Wado ryu Shito ryu Goju ryu Shotokan Shotokan is a style of compression and is described as "harder" Goju is described as hard and soft, Shito is more about bodily movement. Wado I'm not so sure of.

What is the difference between shotokan karate and Goju ryu karate?

My first style was Shotokan but then I switched to Shorin-Ki. It was more upright, quicker movements with more sidestepping that the Shotokan did not do. In the Zen Bei Butoku Kai Our sister clubs were Goju style while we were Shorin-Ji style. We'd often learn the same kata at the same time from the same teacher yet they came out very different! The Goju style was slower, heavier and stressed power although they could certainly move fast if necessary. Both the Shotokan and the Shorin-Ji was lighter and quicker, more getting off line and attacking the corners. Shotokan is a Japanese style based on Okinawan Shorin-ryū karate. Shorin Ryu is one of the three major styles of Okinawa, the other two being Goju Ryu and Shōrei-ryū. So they all have their roots on the same island.

What is the oldest type of karate?

It would be very hard to specifically come up with a branch. They all have roots in the martial arts of 100's of years ago. Karate came from Okinawa and elements of it were merged with Japanese and Korean arts to become what we know as karate today. The kata for karate came from Okinawa and was based on a number of Chinese forms from kung fu. Until recently the kata learned in Tang So Do and Taikwondo were those from Japanese Shotokan karate, which was a variation of Shorin Ryu from Okinawa.

Are childrens karate belts the same ranks as adults?

It depends on the style of karate and the dojo you do it in, know the style I do (Zanshin Shotokan) kids and adults are ranked the same, there are a few adults on the same belt as me and we are ranked the same, some people think karate is harder for children, and in a way it is but if you are dedicadited you will have no problems, I never had problems myself although loads of other kids do, there are different types of karate like I said so I can only say what its like at my club

Where is the best place to take karate in Vancouver bc?

The best place to take karate in Vancouver BC is at Hayabusa Karate in Kitsilano Vancouver. (1807 West 1st Avenue). They teach Shotokan Karate and practise Kata and Kumite and the instructor is really experienced and friendly. It's open to kids and adults and I think it's one of the only karate schools in Vancouver that take 3 year olds so it's a perfect fit for children and parents. The dojo is extra clean and has good equipment. I've been to a lot of Karate Clubs and I find the training at Hayabusa Karate really unique and fun.

The history of bowing in karate?

In Japanese culture it is customary to show respect by bowing; instead of hand shakes, the Japanese generally bow. This permeated all of their activites so was a part of karate even before it was an established activity. It is the first rule of the Niju Kun, the 20 precepts of Shotokan, however that first rule applies to all styles; "Karate begins with respect, and ends with respect."

Why karate so important?

it is self defense in case you ever need it

Where did the word karate come from?

It originated with the Chinese characters and was created in Okinawa. Kara - empty, Te - hand But the symbols for empty and foreign were very similar in Okinawan and as a kind of strange joke, even though karate from Okinawa, it incorporated aspects of White Crane kung fu from China so it was nicknamed foreign hand, karate. But now it just means empty, but not necessarily of weapons it means empty of wickedness and anger, Funikoshi (founder of modern Shotokan karate) described it as like a mirror reflects what lays before it...

What are some karate styles?

There are hundreds of styles, so no list is going to be complete, but here's a start:Shorin RyuShotokanGoju RyuTai Kwan DoTang So Do

When did Chuck Norris invent Karate?

Carlos Ray Norris aka Chuck Norris did not invent Karate. He does not even train in Karate. Chuck Norris trains and holds a masters rank in Tang Soo Do, a Korean form of martial art that has some roots to Shotokan Karate through General Choi, who was the founder of Tae Kwon Do. Chuck Norris mixed Tang Soo Do with Brazilian Jui Jutsu to create Chun Kuk Do, his own martial art. Karate is an Okinawa Martial Art and was popularized in Japan in the early 1920's by Gichin Funakoshi who is credited as the Father of Modern Karate Do. Chuck Norris never invented Karate, nor did he invent a new system of Karate. Contrary to urban legends, Chuck Norris did not invent karate. He learned Tang So Do, a Korean style of karate, while stationed in that country with the US Air Force.

What is the best type of karate?

my favorite types of karate are shotokan, and the way shotokan works is pretty much one hit you win, and another is go ju ru, and that one is a lot of holds that break arms and throw people down without much effort. for me, #1 is go ju ru. im not that big or strong, so it works.

How many types of karate is there all together?

There are literally hundreds of styles of karate. There are some major divisions: * Okinawan * ** Shuri ryu ** Shorin Ryu ** Goju ryu ** Isshin ryu * Japanese * ** Shotokan * Korean * ** tae kwon do ** tang so do ** hapkido * Hawaii * ** Kao chi kai * Vietnam * ** kokoro * Russia * ** sambo * American * ** American Kempo

Do Mexicans do karate?

Yes my parents are Mexican so i am kinda Mexican and i do karate

How long did it take for karate to be created?

No one knows the exact period of Karate's development. Yet, it is a continuous process. There are many branches of Karate and some more sub-branches. New styles of Karate are being developed each year. I think, originally karate came from Chinese Martial Arts (maybe Kung-fu and Kung-fu ages back to Ancient History- Rise of Buddhism). So, I think Karate's development is a topic of Research and just out of the scope of this answer.

What are the values of Martial Arts?

According to the late Ed Parker (American Kenpo founder) It teach self defense, build confidence, character and a good healthy self image. An earlier source Ginchin Funakoshi (Founder of Shotokan karate) stated that karate was for self development. He went on to tell his students to cultivate both mind and body. Keep in mind that the Asian martial arts are steeped in their culture, so its not uncommon to see unusual metaphors and Buddhist connotations used, which are unfamiliar to Westerners.

What is the karate system with the smallest number of movements?

That would be Choki style Karate, developed by a contemporary of Gichin Funakoshi, Motobu Choki. Many Japanese familiar with the Choki style, in fact consider it more practical than Shotokan, since its movements are not as expansive, and the Kata emphasize simplicity and efficiency rather than "showy" and "big" motions. It may be of interest to you, that Choki was a street brawler, and he had the same mentality as Bruce Lee; Motobu Choki felt that most Okinawan Karate "did not work on the street" so he developed his own out of his own street brawling experiences. Long before Masatatsu Oyama and his Kyokshin, there was Motobu Choki.

Is china the birth place of karate?

No, Okinawa, Japan is the birth place of Karate. But somehow Karate is influenced by kung-fu ... so it depends

What are the rules to be followed in karate?

karate means open hand... so open hand use no weapons

How many karate kid movies have there been?

There has been three karate kid movies so far.

Is karate same as folk arts?

Yeah karate is also very ancient as the other folk arts. So we can say that the karate comes in the category of folk arts.