Is real Madrid good

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Yes as it is one of the two Spanish giants . The other is Barcelona.

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Q: Is real Madrid good
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Who is the best fc Barcelona or real Madrid?

Both are good but Real Madrid have more trophies.

Why did robinho leave real Madrid?

As he was a good player, Real got a huge amount and so they got Robben at Real Madrid.

What team should I pick in FIFA 10?

you can pick a team named real Madrid . it is in ligue bbva and if you are doing a manager mode,then real Madrid is better. because ronaldo benzema kaa and many good players are there. real Madrid is good

Where will real Madrid practice?

Real Madrid's training centre is located at Ciudad Real Madrid in Valdebebas (Madrid).

In which country is Real Madrid located?

Real Madrid is in Madrid, Spain.

Players from premier league that played for real Madrid?

Arijen Robben ( Chelsea to Real Madrid ) Christiano Ronaldo ( MU to Real Madrid ) Xabi Alonso ( Liverpool to Real Madrid ) Arbeloa ( Liverpool to Real Madrid ) Richardo Carvalleo ( Chelsea to Real Madrid ) Robinho ( Real Madrid to Manchester City ) Mahamadu Diarra ( Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid ) Lasana Diarra ( Potursmas? to Real Madrid ) Van Nisteloy? ( MU to Real Madrid ) David Bechkam ( MU to Real Madrid )

What city does Real Madrid represent?

Real Madrid represent Madrid, Spain.

What does real stand for in real Madrid?

Real for Real Madrid Means "Royal"

Which is better Barcelona or real Madrid?

real Madrid

Is kaka going to real Madrid?

It is Real Madrid.

Who is the best Barcelona or real Madrid?

Real Madrid

Dispite on how much money they have Why do Real Madrid Steal all the best players in the world?

Real Madrid have money and they splash it out o good footballers, and it is a desire for footballers to wear the famous white shirt of Real Madrid.

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