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Q: Is physical therapy in sports medicine?
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How much does physical therapy sports medicine doctors make?

Their is no such thing as a "physical therapy sports medicine doctor". One or the other. Physical therapist or sports medicine doctor.

What are some possible Careers in Sports Medicine?

Physical Therapy is a career for Sports Medicine

What are some advancement possibilities in sports medicine?

Some advancement possibilities in sports medicine include senior level sports medicine technician. It also includes advancement in the fields of nutrition, physical therapy, and athletic trainer.

Where in Iowa is the best Physical Therapy Schools located?

Iowa State University has a Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine ‎program. Contact them at 132 Lied Recreation, Ames, IA‎ - (515) 294-2626‎

What has the author Steven J Karageanes written?

Steven J. Karageanes has written: 'Principles of manual sports medicine' -- subject(s): Athletic Injuries, Exercise Movement Techniques, Manipulation (Therapeutics), Manipulation, Orthopedic, Methods, Orthopedic Manipulation, Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Sports injuries, Sports medicine, Sports physical therapy, Treatment

What has the author Basil Kiernander written?

Basil Kiernander has written: 'Physical medicine and rehabilitation' -- subject(s): Physical therapy, Rehabilitation 'Physical medicine in paediatrics' -- subject(s): Physical therapy, Pediatrics

Is there a sports rehab office in or near Denton, Texas?

For sports rehab in Denton, Texas you can contact the Denton Sports & Physical Therapy Center. If this is not to your choosing, you can also check into D & D Sports Medicine which has a location in Denton.

What is the salary of a physical therapist?

This job is a highly paid job, the average salary is 79,000 dollars a year. This job requires a degree and certification in physical therapy. Many sports medicine doctors are physical therapists.

What type of Physicians are involved in medical care for athletes?

The particular field of medicine that cares for athletes is known as Sports Medicine. This would include specialties like orthopedics, reconstructive surgery, and physical therapy.

What is the publication distributed by the sports section of the American Physical Therapy Association?

Journal of Sports rehabilitation

What has the author Harold B Falls written?

Harold B. Falls has written: 'Essentials of Fitness' -- subject(s): Exercise therapy, Physical fitness, Sports medicine

What has the author William Bierman written?

William Bierman has written: 'Physical medicine in general practice' -- subject(s): Physical therapy, Physical Medicine, Physical Therapy Modalities 'The medical applications of the short wave current' -- subject(s): Electrotherapeutics, Thermotherapy

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