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no the eightbit is thicker and long. that makes eight bit a lot better than penny boards and the eightbit is also cheaper!

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โˆ™ 2014-04-15 16:22:53
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Q: Is penny boards better than eightbit boards?
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Are stereo vinyl cruisers better than penny boards?

it depends, penny's are made for fast cruising while stereo vinyl cruisers are made for cruising but are better for tricks. vinyl cruisers are cheaper but penny is the way to go.

Can you ride a penny board if you're fat?

There is a penny board called the Penny Killer by Churchill that is a lot heavier than most penny boards. This will allow someone who is not as skinny to use them.

Can coke clean a penny better than sprite?

coke cleans penny better

Is element better than zero boards?

yes element is better

Are ripstiks better than street surfing boards?

street surfing boards are much better. the only thing better about the ripstick is that it is a slight bit lighter. but that's basically it. the street surfing boards turn better, have better maneuverability, and ride faster.

Is a penny better than a retro skateboard?

yes penny is better!

What skateboard is better than a jackhammer?

almost boards.

Will bleach clean a penny better than vinegar?

vinegar actually,cleans a penny better than bleach,ur question is answered brittany!!

Which is better for a teen girl with rough roads penny or nickel?

Niclel is better than Penny for a teen girl with rough roads.

Is a ripstik better than a penny skateboard?

anything is better than a ripstik... a 2x4 with rollerskate wheels taped to it is better than a ripstik.

Are white boards better in terms of usefulness and maintanence than chalkboards?

White boards are much better than chalkboards, in terms of usefulness and maintenance. A white board is easier to clean in addition to more convenient and versatile.

Is a sole skate better than a penny board?


How do chalk boards differ from white boards in terms of environmental effects?

Chalk boards are better for the environment than white boards. Chalk is made from natural materials, while white board markers often contain harmful chemicals. Keep in mind however that both chalk boards and white boards are more eco friendly than wasting paper.

Is a penny board better than a ghanda board?

ghanda board is better and cheaper

Are electronic white boards better than normal ones?

Electronic white boards are better than normal ones in a classroom or office setting because it enables you to save the writing or drawing you made on the board for later reference. It also enables you to write on existing diagrams from the computer whereas normal white boards do not.

Are stereo vinyl cruisers better than pennys?

Sure it's way better than any penny board

How is a training breakable board different than regular breakable boards?

Training breakable boards offers great resuable souces and they are offer better safety for people who are training then breakable boards

Is a penny skateboard better than a mini cruiser skateboard?


Are penny boards hard to ride?

I would say that Penny boarding is harder than skateboarding, for many reasons. Like 1. Its made of all plastic which makes it glide smoother and faster 2. It doesnt come with a foot grip unless you buy one with it 3.It is much much smaller than a skate board but if you prefer something bigger you can always get the Nickle board! Penny boards are 21' and nickle boards are 27'. for me, i think penny boarding is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, just wear knee pads and a helmet while your beginning because trust me, you will fall alot!

Why is a penny board better than a normal skateboard?

because of the shortness of it you can turn easier and do better tricks and stuff. also they are cute and guys look hotter on a penny

Are sector 9 skateboards better than blind skateboards?

They are different sector 9 sell long boards and blind sell street boards, I recommend blind.

Does lemon juice clean a penny better than orange juice?


Why does ketchup clean a penny better than vinegar?

Because ketchup has acid.

Is a 8.0 size skateboard than a 7.5 size skateboard?

If your talking about which is better, basically it all depends on how big you are. Look up size charts for skateboarding on the internet. Also, wider boards are typically better for vert stuff. Narrower boards are better for flip tricks..

Is penny slots better than dollar slots?

Usually dollar slots pay more on average per same bet then penny slots.